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  1. Applying

    The size of the fund will not allow the THI to tackle all of the possible building projects in the area. Therefore a process of prioritisation has taken place to identify the optimum mix of buildings and works which will best help achieve the success of the THI. The capital projects to be targeted are a confident yet realistic set of projects which will enhance some of the most needy buildings and spaces in the THI area.

  2. Lessons Learnt Review v2 - a summary

    This is a shorter summary of the "Lessons Learnt review - v2"

  3. Our projects


    44-45 Irish Street

    Together Impact Housing Association and Howgill Family Centre have formed the Whitehaven Foyer Company and plan to transform the old YMCA building on Irish Street. 

  4. Council statement

    We issued this statement when we published v1 of the "Lessons Learnt Review" of the Pow Beck Valley Stadium project.

  5. Meet the team

    The Stakeholder Partnership

    The Initiative is being overseen by a Stakeholder Partnership consisting of the following members:

    • Kerry Maxwell O.B.E (Chair), Whitehaven Community Trust 
    • Cllr Eileen Wier (Vice Chair), Cumbria County Council & Whitehaven Locality Partnership
    • Cllr Mike McVeigh, Copeland Borough Councils Heritage Champion
    • Christine Minnory, Whitehaven Heritage Action Group & Chamber of Trade
    • Celia McKenzie, Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners
    • Cllr Anne Bradshaw, Copeland Disability Forum
    • Cllr John Kane, Whitehaven Town Council
  6. Newsletter 2

    Newsletter 2

  7. THI Events

    The success of the THI will depend in part on investing in people’s confidence and community pride. The THI will be an opportunity to raise awareness of the needs of the area’s heritage, and the benefits of conservation-led regeneration. We intend to organise activities and events that the community can take part in to learn more about and enjoy their local heritage, and how to care for it.

    Latest Event - Book Now - Tour of the Foyer

    After falling into a near derelict state of repair, the Grade II listed former YMCA building in Whitehaven has now been restored, with a grant of over £500,000 from the Whitehaven Townscape Heritage initiative.  The THI is running two tours of the building, which is now known as the Foyer, prior to its official opening to the public.  The tours are at 10am and 11:30am on the 30th March 2017 and 12 places are available on each one.   If you would like to book please click on one of the links below, depending on which time you would like to attend:


    10:00am Tour 

    11:30am Tour


  8. Energy efficiency in the home

    Making your home as energy efficient as possible will not only save you money but also help to reduce carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas causing climate change.

  9. Foyer

    Foyers are projects for young people that provide “a springboard to independent living,training and work”. Based on a French model, Foyers in Britain tend to contain accommodation and a range of support facilities in one building.

  10. Understanding traditional buidlings

    Whitehaven Townscape Heritage Initiative is running a free event on understanding traditionally constructed buildings.

  11. Silecroft – Sunsets and Seascapes

    Silecroft – Sunsets and Seascapes

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Silecroft's rich history


  12. Pow Beck Valley Stadium project

    This page includes a number of documents relating to the Pow Beck Valley Stadium project.

  13. Sustainability and Climate Change

    It is important to be aware of how we, as individuals and communities, affect the environment we live in and how we can contribute to its sustainability rather than it's deterioration.

  14. Public realm

    Public realm is defined as any publicly owned streets, pathways, right of ways, parks, publicly accessible open spaces and any public and civic building and facilities

  15. Love It Or Lose It

    Planning guidance for people living in conservation areas, older properties, or listed buildings. Tips on how to conserve and protect your building, and planning guidance to help you decide what changes are appropriate.

  16. Bootle – Rescues & Resistance

    Bootle – Stubb Place

    Bootle is listed in the Domesday Book and received a market charter in 1347 from King Edward. Whilst the market had all but ceased by mid-19th century, cattle fairs and hiring fairs for servants continued. 

  17. Haverigg – Protect and Serve

    Haverigg – Protect and Serve

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Haverigg's rich history

  18. Copeland Coastal Partnership

    On 30 June 2011 Copeland Borough Council launched a new Coastal Partnership. The Copeland Coastal Partnership brings together a range of organisations that have an interest in promoting and enhancing the coast to encourage more people to enjoy the benefits of what is on offer.

  19. Albion Square

    Albion Square is the name of the development that is being built in Whitehaven, adjacent to the multi-storey car park. It is due for completion in 2014 and will provide office accommodation for up to 900 Sellafield workers.

  20. Beacon Heritage Open Day walks

    The Beacon Museum is offering free walks around Whitehaven revealing the town's amazing industrial past.

  21. Ravenglass – Tide & Time


    Ravenglass’ location by the estuary formed by three rivers, the Irt, Esk and Mite is critical to its historical development.  Access to the sea and a safe harbour were essential for trading, transportation and fishing.

  22. Coastal Activities Leaflet Whatever your taste for adventure, here you will find details of a range of opportunities for all ages and abilities from kayaking to cycling, fishing to sailing.
  23. Low Carbon Business Case Studies

    The council has been helping local businesses grow - and be green at the same time. Here we share their experience of how the help they received benefited their business.

  24. Shop front design guide

    Whitehaven shop front design guide.

  25. Lime rendering taster day

    This gallery holds pictures of the recent THI event on the 16th of May 2015.



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