Policy and transformation


Policy and transformation

  1. Corporate charging policy

    Corporate charging policy

  2. Safeguarding Adults Policy

    Safeguarding Adults Policy

  3. Safeguarding Children Policy

    Safeguarding Children Policy

  4. Community Asset Transfer policy

    Community Asset Transfer policy

  5. Commercial Strategy 2019-2023

    Commercial Strategy 2019-2023

  6. Copeland Equality Scheme

     Copeland Borough Council

    Equality and Diversity Statement 2016-2020

    The mission for Copeland Borough Council is

    ‘To make Copeland a better place to live, work and visit’.


    One of the core values which underpins this mission is a commitment to

    Treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect’.


    Copeland Borough Council is committed to meeting the legal duties placed upon it by the Equalities Act 2010; and to promoting equality and diversity in its role as a community leader, service provider and employer.


    In line with The Equalities Act (2010) and the Public-Sector Equality Duty (PSED), Copeland Borough Council is committed to improving the equality of opportunity for all; and reducing discrimination in employment and service delivery on the grounds of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, and sexual orientation (known collectively as protected characteristics). 


    Copeland Borough Council will seek to foster good relations across all protected characteristics in its capacity as a public body, including its decision-making, policy development, budget setting, procurement and commissioning, service delivery and employment functions. 


    Rural and social isolation are recognised as  locally relevant issues in relation to equality of opportunity and access, as such they will also be considered in equality impact assessments and monitoring.


    The Council will be assisted to achieve its equality objectives through good practice and the support of the Equalities Champion.






  7. My property

    The Borough Council's interactive mapping information website allows you to View maps with related information on your chosen location within the Borough. You can search by property name or postcode and view different types of maps.

  8. Corporate plan 2013-15

    Our corporate plan for 2013-15 which sets out our priorities and goals for the next two years.

  9. Our Safeguarding Policy

    We believe all children, young people and vulnerable adults have a right to be safe and protected.

  10. Community right to challenge policy

    The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new power allowing local communities the right to challenge how local authorities provide and run services. This is known as the Community Right to Challenge.

    Community Right to Challenge was introduced to enable and empower Copeland’s communities to shape and run local services which are responsive to the Borough’s needs and offer additional social value outcomes or better value for money. It enables relevant bodies to bid to run Copeland Borough Council services by expressing an interest.

  11. Council clamps down on unacceptable behaviour
  12. Assets of community value policy

    The Localism Act 2011 provides for a scheme called ‘assets of community value’. The scheme is in two parts: the Nomination and Listing of an asset and the Community Right to Bid.

    The local planning authority is required to maintain a list of assets of community value. These assets can be nominated by community groups and Parish Councils to Copeland Borough Council and if the nomination is accepted by the Council it will be placed on the list.  The group will be given time to bid for the asset if it is ever put up for sale in the 5 year period it is listed as an Asset of Community Value. This part of the scheme is known as Community Right to Bid.

    Local communities have the right to nominate any land or property in their area which promotes the social wellbeing or social interests of the community to local authorities to include on the list of community assets. The asset can be in public ownership (local authority or Crown) or private ownership. Only local communities can nominate assets to be on the list.

    The Council will hold and maintain the List of Assets of Community Value. It will also hold a List of Assets Nominated but not Listed.

  13. appendix 1 chart pay policy version 2

     appendix_1_chart_pay policy

  14. Community Assets tranfer Application Form

    Please find below the Community Asset Tranfer application form

  15. Corporate Strategy 2016-2020

    Corporate Strategy 2016-2020

  16. Corporate strategy key milestones 16-20

    Corporate strategy key milestones 16-20

  17. Efficiency Plan 2016-2020

    Efficiency Plan 2016-2020

  18. CBC equality and diversity scheme

    CBC equality and diversity scheme

  19. Income Generation Strategy

    Income Generation Strategy

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