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  2. Can I get a grant from the council to help repair my property?
  3. Community-led houses in Ulpha revitalised
  4. Do you need help with a rent deposit?

    The Council has a rent deposit scheme to help people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. The scheme helps people who are eligible to pay the deposit for good standard privately rented accommodation. The Council will decide if you are eligible and whether the property is suitable.

  5. Standards for accommodation hmo

    Standards for accommodation HMO

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  7. How do I join the Copeland Landlord Forum?
  8. Council domestic abuse support service saves lives
  9. What to do if you are homeless

    If you are homeless or think you might be at risk of becoming homeless, please contact our Homelessness Team.

  10. Furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations

    Furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations

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  12. How do I report an Empty Property?
  13. Council to support private landlords in Copeland
  14. Young people and homelessness problems

     If you are homeless or you are having housing problems, please contact our Homelessness Team who will be able to help you.

  15. Copeland Empty Homes Policy 2016

    Copeland Empty Homes Policy 2016

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  17. What will the council do about an empty property if I report it?
  18. Council's Housing team helps prevent homelessness
  19. Copeland housing strategy partnership

    The Copeland Housing Strategy Partnership is a group of stakeholders in Copeland housing strategy and operation. The Partnership meets regularly to monitor the implementation of the housing strategy delivery plan.

  20. Report an Empty Home Form

    Report an empty home here. 

  21. MAPPA Cumbria annual report

    MAPPA Cumbria annual report

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  23. I own an empty property - what can I do about it?
  24. Council brings empty homes back into use
  25. Sources of help if you are homeless

    National sources of help and information if you are homeless or have housing problems. You can also contact our housing team on 0845 054 8600.


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