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  2. Empty Homes Week newsletter 2019

    Empty Homes Week newsletter 2019

  3. Housing

    Here you will find advice and guidance on all aspects of housing and homelessness. This includes our Copeland Housing Strategy and details of how we plan and deliver our housing service. You will find information to help you if you are looking for a property to rent, are having problems with your current place or are facing homelessness. We are here to help, so do please get in touch.

  4. Finding a housing association home in Copeland

    What is Cumbria Choice - Choice-Based Lettings? If you want to apply for a housing association property in Copeland, you need to register with the Cumbria Choice system. Cumbria Choice is a system that lets you look for a housing association home in Cumbria, and apply for one that you want.

  5. Housing Options Service

    Housing Options Service

    If you are homeless, or you are worried about becoming homeless, you should contact our Housing Options and Service as soon as possible. You can often avoid becoming homeless if you act quickly and get the right help.

    The Housing Options Service provides advice and assistance for Copeland residents who are in housing need or at risk of homelessness.

    • Caseworkers will discuss your circumstances and explore the different options that are available to you
    • We try to help people remain in their homes wherever possible, whether you are a council tenant, private tenant, homeowner or living with friends and family

  6. Report an empty home

    Form to use to report an empty property.

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  8. Meeting of the Landlords Forum

    Meeting of the Landlords Forum

  9. Homelessness: how can we help?

    The legislation around homelessness is changing with the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act. Find out more at



  10. Housing for older people

    This page explains what you need to do if you or a friend or relative want to move into a residential home or need more support to live in your current home.

  11. Homelessness

    Homelessness: How can we help?

  12. Severe weather emergency protocol

    Within its duties as a local authority, Copeland Council aims to ensure that vulnerable people are protected and provided for during the winter cold season, when extreme cold temperatures for extended spells can threaten the safety and wellbeing of some people living in the borough.

    This document sets out the mechanism by which rough sleepers in Copeland can access accommodation and support during periods of exceptionally cold weather when a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is activated.

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  14. My landlord wants me out of my house - what do I need to do now?
  15. Disabled Facilities Grants

    Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

  16. Empty homes

    Copeland Borough Council are urging people with empty homes to bring their properties back to life and help manage housing needs in the area. In September 2015 there were over 600,000 empty homes in England and 200,000 of these 600,000 were ‘long-term’ empties (empty more than six months). There are private properties standing empty in Copeland, whilst at the same time there is a shortage of housing in the Borough.  We are actively looking to bring these empty properties back into use.

     Our empty homes officer will work directly with the owners of empty homes to give advice on returning their property back into use, however, if owners refuse to engage or fail to make satisfactory progress to bring the properties back into use, we can carry out enforcement action. You can read more about empty homes issues on the Empty homes agency website (

  17. Domestic Abuse Services

    We provide specialist support and advice for victims of domestic abuse and sexual exploitation, for those who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

  18. Homes of multiple occupancy form

    A series of three forms that you need to complete and return to us.

    View the Standards for Accommodation for HMO’s here.

    View the Furntiure and Furnishings fire safety regulations here.

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  20. My partner is being violent or abusive towards me - what can I do?
  21. Changes to the law for HMO
  22. House Condition Complaints

    If you live in a privately rented property and the landlord is not carrying out essential repairs, let us know. We will help you to deal with the problem.

  23. Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018 Appendix

    This strategy sets out the future priorities and actions that will be taken in Copeland to tackle homelessness.

  24. Copeland Housing Strategy 2011-15

    Copeland Housing Strategy 2011-15

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