1. Local Approved Contractor List

    Local Approved Contractor List

  2. Housing

    Here you will find advice and guidance on all aspects of housing and homelessness. This includes our Copeland Housing Strategy and details of how we plan and deliver our housing service. You will find information to help you if you are looking for a property to rent, are having problems with your current place or are facing homelessness. We are here to help, so do please get in touch.

  3. Immigration inspections

    People moving to live in the Copeland area from a country outside the European Union have to confirm that they are moving into accommodation that is of suitable standard, and the accommodation will not be made overcrowded by their arrival. 

  4. Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018

    The updated Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018 says what the council will do to prevent homelessness in Copeland and how we will help people who are having housing problems.

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  6. Meeting of the Landlords Forum

    Meeting of the Landlords Forum

  7. Homelessness: how can we help?

    The legislation around homelessness is changing with the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act. Find out more at



  8. Housing Strategy

    The Copeland Housing Strategy provides information on important local housing matters and says what our key priorities are for housing in Copeland. The Housing Strategy is a shared document for the Council and its partners, which include housing associations, private landlords, charities and voluntary groups, housebuilders and other organisations.

  9. Older Persons Housing Task Group

    These are the notes of the first meeting of the Older Persons Housing Task Group, which was held on the 29th of June 2012.

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  11. My landlord wants me out of my house - what do I need to do now?
  12. Disabled Facilities Grants

    Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

  13. Do you need help with a rent deposit?

    The Council has a rent deposit scheme to help people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. The scheme helps people who are eligible to pay the deposit for good standard privately rented accommodation. The Council will decide if you are eligible and whether the property is suitable.

  14. Report an empty home

    Form to use to report an empty property.

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  16. My partner is being violent or abusive towards me - what can I do?
  17. Changes to the law for HMO
  18. What to do if you are homeless

    If you are homeless or think you might be at risk of becoming homeless, please contact our Homelessness Team.

  19. Severe weather emergency protocol

    Within its duties as a local authority, Copeland Council aims to ensure that vulnerable people are protected and provided for during the winter cold season, when extreme cold temperatures for extended spells can threaten the safety and wellbeing of some people living in the borough.

    This document sets out the mechanism by which rough sleepers in Copeland can access accommodation and support during periods of exceptionally cold weather when a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is activated.

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  21. What can I do if I am struggling to pay my rent or mortgage?
  22. Copeland to host Empty Homes Week drop-ins
  23. Young people and homelessness problems

     If you are homeless or you are having housing problems, please contact our Homelessness Team who will be able to help you.

  24. Homes of multiple occupancy form

    A series of three forms that you need to complete and return to us.

    View the Standards for Accommodation for HMO’s here.

    View the Furntiure and Furnishings fire safety regulations here.

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