Waste and recycling


Waste and recycling

  1. Recycling points

    There are over thirty recycling points throughout the borough to make recycling easy wherever you go.

  2. Recycling bring sites

    A list of our community recycling sites in Copeland.

  3. Delayed waste/recycling collections

    Sometimes we experience difficulties collecting waste and recycling in our borough for a variety of reasons including:

    • Roadworks and road closures in the area

    • Access issues (often caused by parked cars that our vehicles are unable to manoeuvre around)

    • Adverse weather conditions

    • Vehicle breakdowns

    We apologise if your collection has been delayed and we will make further attempts to collect your waste and/or recycling at the next possible opportunity.

    Please see information below for details of collections that have been delayed, and our anticipated return date.

    We will only publish details of delayed collections on this page when the impact is widespread.

    You can contact our Customer Services team on at for information around missed collections where it affects an individual or small number of properties

  4. Crafty sessions celebrate recycling achievement
  5. Household Waste Recycling Centres or tips

    Cumbria County Council operate large Household Waste Recycling Centres across Cumbria, with two in Copeland. These are sometimes known as tips.

    PLEASE NOTE: Waste Recycling Centre's are the County Councils responsibility. Copeland Borough Council are not responsible for Waste Recycling Centres. Please contact the following for further information: 

    Waste Recycling Centre permit line 0845 0551118 

    Frizington Waste Recycling Centre 01946 813613

    Millom Waste Recycling Centre 01229771447 

  6. Your kerbside recycling scheme

    All the details you need to know about your kerbside recycling scheme

  7. Moresby Parks

    Location of the Copeland Borough Council Moresby Parks site.

  8. Council & students aim for BIG recycling impact
  9. Assisted Collection Service

    If you are permanently or temporarily unable to place your bin out for collection then you may be eligible for an assisted bin collection. Find out more below.

  10. What are the opening hours for Frizington tip?
  11. Clean up for the streets of Copeland
  12. Elephants go on the road for recycling
  13. Large Wheeled Bins

     Customers will be able to apply for a larger wheeled bin (or additional blue bags) where they meet the following criteria:

    • 6 or more permanent residents or
    • 5 permanent residents including  1 under the age of 5 or
    • 4 permanent residents including 2 under the age of 5 or
    • A medical condition which produces non-infectious clinical waste
  14. What are the opening hours of the Millom tip?
  15. How can I arrange collection of an old bed?
  16. Copeland recyclers reach milestone
  17. Beach cleaners in action for the summer
  18. Allotments

    Details of our allotments.

  19. How do I create less waste?
  20. Residents swap 14,500 bins of waste for recycling
  21. Statement on plastic recycling
  22. Needles and syringes on public land

    Discarded hypodermic needles and syringes are extremely dangerous and could cause injury or infection. If you find a needle or syringe on public land or Council premises then it should be reported immediately to the Council.

  23. What and where can I recycle?
  24. Copeland celebrates National Recycling Week
  25. Deer found in recycling bank


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