Waste and recycling


Waste and recycling

  1. What are the opening hours of the Millom tip?
  2. Clean up for the streets of Copeland
  3. Elephants go on the road for recycling
  4. 2018 new recycling scheme - press releases

    You can read more about our kerbside recycling scheme in these previous press releases.

  5. How can I arrange collection of an old bed?
  6. Copeland recyclers reach milestone
  7. Beach cleaners in action for the summer
  8. Great reasons to recycle plastic

    Why recycle plastic? As well as giving you more room in your main bin, there's a whole host of ways in which small actions can have a big effect when it comes to plastic recycling.

  9. How do I create less waste?
  10. Residents swap 14,500 bins of waste for recycling
  11. Statement on plastic recycling
  12. Recycling - windy weather advice

    When windy weather is forecast, we have some handy hints and tips to help with your kerbside recycling.

  13. Food waste digester application form

    Application form to buy a discounted food waste digester. Print this off and fill it in to apply for one of the digesters.

    For more info about these digesters and recycling, please visit



  14. What and where can I recycle?
  15. Copeland celebrates National Recycling Week
  16. Deer found in recycling bank
  17. Recycling bring sites

    Recycling bring sites in Copeland

  18. What can go in your brown bin?
  19. Garden collections end soon for winter
  20. Refuse collection

    We collect household waste from 32,000 properties across Copeland either by providing a fortnightly wheeled bin collection service or a weekly blue bag service.

  21. Glass recycling - what goes in?

    Find out exactly what you can - and can't - put in your glass recycling box.

  22. Do tips open on Bank Holidays?
  23. Residents urged to recycle Christmas cardboard
  24. Kerbside recycling service

    We collect paper, glass, metal, plastic and card from the kerbside for 96 per cent of residents.

  25. Plastic recycling - what goes in?

    Find out exactly what can - and can't - go in your 'plastics' recycling box.


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