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December 12 General Election

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Environmental health


Environmental health

  1. Wasp advice

    Wasp advice

  2. New Floodline number

    The Environment Agency has launched an additional Floodline number for customers

  3. Council set to tackle borough’s pests
  4. Application form for caravan site licence

    Form to use to apply for a licence to run a caravan site. You may like to read the associated guidance about running a caravan site.

  5. FICAM D


  6. Copeland Council launches noise app
  7. Health and safety in the beauty industry

    This booklet contains advice and guidance on how to keep you and your employees safe at work. The booklet is written in simple language and tries to avoid jargon and legalese.

  8. FICAM W


  9. Top marks for boarding establishments
  10. Tourism business event booking form

    Booking form for "A Guide to Consumer Protection - Supporting Tourism in Cumbria"

  11. Ratimor Wax Blocks

    Ratimor Wax Blocks

  12. Council issues 'don't feed the seagulls' plea
  13. Repair and renewal flood grant application form

    This is the application form you need to apply for money to pay for flood repair or prevention worl after you have suffered flooding.

  14. Racumin Foam

    Racumin Foam

  15. Repair and Renew grants guidance notes

    This document tells you how to apply for a Repair and Renew Grant (to make your home more flood-resilient.) You should use it when you are filling in the application form for the grant.

  16. Starting a Food Business

    Here is a quick guide to setting up a food business in Copeland

  17. Pest control terms and conditions

    Pest control terms and conditions

  18. Flood re leaflet 2016

    Making insurance available and affordable for homes affected by flooding

  19. Wasps or bees - the difference

    We can clear wasps, but not bees. This document helps you to tell the difference.

  20. Seagull advice and information

    We have produced an information leaflet on seagull nuisance, and what measures can be taken to prevent it.

  21. Bedbugs advice

    Bedbugs advice

  22. Food Hygiene Rating System

    Consult our guide to the best restaurants and food suppliers.

  23. Seagull information leaflet

    Seagull information leaflet

  24. Food Safety Service Plan 2019/20

    Food Safety Service Plan 2019/20

  25. Private Water Supplies

    Concerned about the quality of your water supply? If you are on mains water contact United Utilities or if you have a Private Water Supply we can help.


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