Waste and recycling

  1. Brown Bin Garden Collection

    Your brown bin is collected on a fortnightly basis between March and October.  You can check your collection dates here.

  2. Food waste digester application form

    Application form to buy a discounted food waste digester. Print this off and fill it in to apply for one of the digesters.

    For more info about these digesters and recycling, please visit



  3. Delayed waste/recycling collections

    Sometimes we experience difficulties collecting waste and recycling in our borough for a variety of reasons including:

    • Roadworks and road closures in the area

    • Access issues (often caused by parked cars that our vehicles are unable to manoeuvre around)

    • Adverse weather conditions

    • Vehicle breakdowns

    We apologise if your collection has been delayed and we will make further attempts to collect your waste and/or recycling at the next possible opportunity.

    Please see information below for details of collections that have been delayed, and our anticipated return date.

    We will only publish details of delayed collections on this page when the impact is widespread.

    You can contact our Customer Services team on at for information around missed collections where it affects an individual or small number of properties

  4. Commercial Waste Bins

    Details of commercial waste bins.

    For more information regarding commercial waste, please click here

  5. Recycling bring sites

    Recycling bring sites in Copeland

  6. Moresby Parks

    Location of the Copeland Borough Council Moresby Parks site.

  7. My waste and recycling

    This page provides information on your waste and recycling collection rounds.

    Please note that there is a problem with the drop-down menu and your address may not appear in the list. Therefore please enter your house number and postcode only, and your property details will appear.

    If you think your collection has been delayed or missed please click here.

  8. Glass recycling - what goes in?

    Find out exactly what you can - and can't - put in your glass recycling box.

  9. Clean up for the streets of Copeland
  10. Our new kerbside recycling service

    Our improved kerbside recycling scheme began in April 2018.

  11. Plastic recycling - what goes in?

    Find out exactly what can - and can't - go in your 'plastics' recycling box.

  12. Garden collections end soon for winter
  13. 2018 new recycling scheme - press releases

    You can read more about our kerbside recycling scheme in these previous press releases.

  14. Metal recycling - what goes in?

    A list of what you can - and can't - put in your 'metal' recycling box

  15. Garden waste collections to restart
  16. Great reasons to recycle plastic

    Why recycle plastic? As well as giving you more room in your main bin, there's a whole host of ways in which small actions can have a big effect when it comes to plastic recycling.

  17. Paper recycling - what goes in?

    Find out exactly what you can - and can't - put in your 'paper' recycling box.

  18. Staff to smarten up beauty spots
  19. Card recycling - what goes in?

    Read about exactly what you can - and can't - put in your card recycling bag.

  20. Recycling fun for Robert
  21. What can I put in my plastics recycling box?

    A detailed list of exactly what can and can't be recycled as part of your kerbside plastics recycling collection.

  22. Staff and residents collect 100 bags of litter
  23. What can I put in my 'glass' recycling box?

    A detailed look and what exactly can (and can't) be recycled as glass in Copeland.

  24. Copeland's littlest bin man
  25. What goes in my 'paper' recycling box?

    A detailed list of what can (and can't) be put in with your paper recycling.


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