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December 12 General Election

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Waste and recycling

  1. How can I arrange collection of an old bed?
  2. How do I create less waste?
  3. What and where can I recycle?
  4. Report fly tipping

    If you see any fly tipping please report it by calling us on 01946 598300 or email

    Please try and describe the location of the items as accurately as possible and tell us the nature of what has been dumped. We will then clean up the mess and investigate the culprits.

  5. Elephants go on the road for recycling
  6. Refuse collection

    We collect household waste from 32,000 properties across Copeland either by providing a fortnightly wheeled bin collection service or a weekly blue bag service.

  7. Assisted collection service

    If you are permanently or temporarily unable to place your bin out for collection, you could be eligible for an assisted bin collection. Find out more below.

  8. Large Wheeled Bins

     Customers will be able to apply for a larger wheeled bin (or additional blue bags) where they meet the following criteria:

    • 6 or more permanent residents or
    • 5 permanent residents including¬† 1 under the age of 5 or
    • 4 permanent residents including 2 under the age of 5 or
    • A medical condition which produces non-infectious clinical waste
  9. My waste and recycling

    This page provides information on your waste and recycling collection rounds.

    Please note that there is a problem with the drop-down menu and your address may not appear in the list. Therefore please enter your house number and postcode only, and your property details will appear.

    If you think your collection has been delayed or missed please click here.

  1. The food waste revolution

    Why not join the food waste revolution with a food digester?

  2. Food digesters

    All you need to know about our discounted food digesters.

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