1. Foyer

    Foyers are projects for young people that provide “a springboard to independent living,training and work”. Based on a French model, Foyers in Britain tend to contain accommodation and a range of support facilities in one building.

  2. Low Carbon Business Case Studies

    The council has been helping local businesses grow - and be green at the same time. Here we share their experience of how the help they received benefited their business.

  3. Coastal signs drop-in sessions

    Come to our drop in events and help us shape what will appear on some new signs along Copeland's coastal paths.

  4. Hurd Rolland Report

    This is one of the business planning documents that was part of the Pow Beck Valley Stadium project

  5. Knight Kavanagh and Page report

    This is one of the business planning documents that was part of the Pow Beck Valley Stadium project

  6. Financial forecast

    This is the three-year financial forecast for the planned Pow Beck Valley Stadium project.

  7. Lessons Learnt Review v2 - a summary

    This is a shorter summary of the "Lessons Learnt review - v2"

  8. Council statement

    We issued this statement when we published v1 of the "Lessons Learnt Review" of the Pow Beck Valley Stadium project.

  9. Pow Beck Valley Stadium project

    This page includes a number of documents relating to the Pow Beck Valley Stadium project.

  10. Beacon Heritage Open Day walks

    The Beacon Museum is offering free walks around Whitehaven revealing the town's amazing industrial past.


  1. Albion Square road change plans

    Cumbria County Council Highways plans for road changes at Albion Square, as at 20 January 2014.

Economic development

  1. Whitehaven proposal

    Whitehaven town centre proposal

  2. Cleator Moor proposal

    Cleator Moor town centre proposal 

  3. Egremont proposal

    Egremont town centre proposal

  4. Millom proposal

    Millom town centre proposal

Locality working

  1. What Locality do I live in?
  2. West Copeland Plan and October 2012 Update

    Community Partnership Plan for the West Copeland Partnership with updated action table October 2012.

  3. North East Copeland

    NE Copeland is home to 12,167 people and includes the parishes of Cleator Moor, Arlecdon & Frizington, Ennerdale & Kinniside, Lamplugh and Weddicar. Ennerdale is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Cumbria, whilst Cleator Moor is one of West Cumbria’s main industrial towns.

  4. Mid Copeland

    The parishes of Mid Copeland have worked together to support several key projects including:

    • planning and raising funds for a multi-user route (for walkers, cyclists and horseriders) between Gosforth and Seascale
    • a bus service between Seascale Station and Wasdale Head
    • developing proposals for visitor facilities at Wasdale
  5. South Copeland

    South Copeland is the most southerly part of West Cumbria, encompassing coastal areas and fell country. The main town in the locality is Millom, which is separated from the Furness peninsula by the Duddon Estuary and is bounded to the west by the Irish Sea.

  6. Howgate Distington

    The Howgate Distington Partnership meets every two months. It has been responsible for several initiatives to meet its communities' priorities including:

    • a 'lengthsman' service to the four parishes to tidy, improve and maintain untidy areas
    • addressing concerns around the area's roads.
  7. Copeland Partnership

    The Copeland Partnership resulted from a consultation process during 2010, to create a specific local strategic partnership arrangement for Copeland.  The roots of the Copeland Partnership are in our six localities and its structure has been built around existing partnership working facilitating streamlined delivery and many routes of influence. 


  8. Whitehaven Partnership

    The Whitehaven Partnership was formed to bring together District and County Councillors to address the priorities of their communities.

Enforcement and support services

  1. Whitehaven Market - give us your views

    At the end of September 2016 Whitehaven Market was relaunched in a joint effort between Copeland Borough Council and Whitehaven Town Council.

  1. Lessons Learnt Review - version 1

    This is the first version (or draft) of the 'Lessons Learnt Review' commissioned after partners withdrew from the Pow beck Stadium project. After this was received (as is normal practice with reports) it would have been looked at and then sent back for amendment, ensuring it was clear and accurate - resulting in the final version 2.

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