1. Conservation area management plan

    This document is part of the Whitehaven Town Centre Heritage and Design Series. This series has prepared on behalf of Copeland Borough Council to ensure that all development proposals in, or adjacent to, Whitehaven town centre’s conservation areas are well-considered, of high quality and have regard to their historical context. 


  1. Search and comment on a planning application

    Search and comment on planning applications.

  2. Ward Maps of Proposed Site Allocations

    Here you can find maps which highlight the proposed site allocations for your area. For more information about the Site Allocations and Policies Plan, please click here.

    If you have any comments about this plan, please click here to fill in a feedback form. 

  3. Arlecdon & Rowrah

    Map of Arlecdon & Rowrah highlighting the proposed Site Allocations. 

    For more information on the Site Allocations and Policies Plan, please click here

    To give feedback, please click here

Locality working

  1. North East Copeland Locality Action Plan

    Every year the Regeneration North East Copeland and the partnership of parishes which it represents identify priorities for delivery in the coming year.

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