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December 12 General Election

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Our services


Waste and recycling

  1. Waste and Recycling

    Our Waste Management team provides a wide range of  services to residents, businesses and visitors in Copeland. We are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective waste services.

  2. Kerbside recycling service

    We collect paper, glass, metal, plastic and card from the kerbside for 96 per cent of residents.

  3. Recycling points

    There are over thirty recycling points throughout the borough to make recycling easy wherever you go.


  1. Search and comment on a planning application

    Search and comment on planning applications.

Customer services

  1. Customer Service Commitments

    The following attachment gives details of our Customer Service Commitments.

  2. Services

    Here you can find out about the various services offered across Copeland. Some are provided by us and others are provided by other organisations and community groups.

    Find out more about the Good Neighbours Project.

    Affortable Warmth in Cumbria

    Affordable Warmth in your community

    Affordable Warmth for you

  3. Contacting the Council

    Details of how to contact us.

  1. What we do

    In Cumbria we have a two tier local government. Bigger county-wide issues such as education, highways and social services are provided by Cumbria County Council whilst six district or borough councils provide more local services to the communities they serve e.g. street cleaning, refuse collections and planning. We have a legal responsibility to provide certain services such as bin collections, whilst other things like providing parks and gardens is discretionary. This means we are not obliged to provide them, but we can if we have sufficient funds and wish to do so.

Policy and transformation

  1. Copeland Equality Scheme

     Copeland Borough Council

    Equality and Diversity Statement 2016-2020

    The mission for Copeland Borough Council is

    ‘To make Copeland a better place to live, work and visit’.


    One of the core values which underpins this mission is a commitment to

    Treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect’.


    Copeland Borough Council is committed to meeting the legal duties placed upon it by the Equalities Act 2010; and to promoting equality and diversity in its role as a community leader, service provider and employer.


    In line with The Equalities Act (2010) and the Public-Sector Equality Duty (PSED), Copeland Borough Council is committed to improving the equality of opportunity for all; and reducing discrimination in employment and service delivery on the grounds of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, and sexual orientation (known collectively as protected characteristics). 


    Copeland Borough Council will seek to foster good relations across all protected characteristics in its capacity as a public body, including its decision-making, policy development, budget setting, procurement and commissioning, service delivery and employment functions. 


    Rural and social isolation are recognised as  locally relevant issues in relation to equality of opportunity and access, as such they will also be considered in equality impact assessments and monitoring.


    The Council will be assisted to achieve its equality objectives through good practice and the support of the Equalities Champion.






  2. Our Safeguarding Policy

    We believe all children, young people and vulnerable adults have a right to be safe and protected.

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