Non domestic rates



  1. Council Tax and NDR booklet 2018-19

    A guide to Council Tax & Business Rates 2018/19

Council tax

  1. Non Domestic Rates

    Non domestic rates - often referred to as business rates - are charged on most non-domestic properties (including commercial ones) such as shops, offices, pubs, warehouses and factories. If you use a building or part of a building for non-domestic purposes, you will probably have to pay business rates.

  2. Charitable relief for business rates

    Charitable relief for business rates.

  3. Exemptions and Relief from Business Rates

    Business Rates exemption and relief

  4. How to pay your non domestic (business) rates

    Most people pay their non domestic/ business rates for the year by ten monthly instalments from April to January. You will find these instalments shown on your bill. However if you prefer you can opt to pay the full amount at the start of the year, or by two instalments (April and October).

  5. What if my rateable value is wrong?

    If you think either your rateable value or rating list entry is incorrect, you can make an appeal asking for it to be changed.

  6. Discretionary rate relief

    This is the form you need to complete and return if you would like to apply for discretionary rate relief on non domestic rates.

Business support

  1. Business

    Whether you are taking your first steps towards setting up in business or have been trading for years, here you will find a wealth of information, advice and guidance to help your business flourish. 

revenues and benefits

  1. Small business rate relief form

    Non Domestic Rates - small business artes relief form

  2. Council Tax and NDR Leaflet 2017-18

    This leaflet explains how the council is funded and how we spend the money.

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