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  1. Wasdale premesis licence

    Wasdale premesis licence

  2. Variation of prem licence Joe Bananas

    Application for a variation of the premises licence at Joe Bananas

  3. Notice of App for Prem Licence, Boltonhead farm

    Notice of Application for Premises Licence, Bolton Head Farm, Gosforth

  4. Premise Licence Application

    Premise Licence Application

  5. Best Bar None Whitehaven

    The national Best Bar None scheme, which is aimed at improving standards and increasing safety in licensed premises, has been rolled out in Whitehaven.

    Click here to read the press release that announced the launch of the scheme.

    Click here to read about the benefits of joining the Best Bar None scheme.

    Click here to read the scoring booklet for licensees and here to read the guidance used by the assessors.

    Further details are available at Best Bar None's national website, and on the Whitehaven scheme's Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In pages.

    For further details about joing the scheme, contact Copeland Borough Council's Licensing department on

     Follow the scheme on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (#BBNWhitehaven)

  6. Draft Statement of Licensing Policy 2015 – 2019

    Any decision taken by the Council in regard to determination of licences, certificates and notifications should aim to promote the licensing objectives which are:

     The prevention of crime and disorder
     Public safety
     The prevention of public nuisance
     The protection of children from harm

    The policy covers the licensable activities as specified in the Act which are:

     Sale by retail or supply of alcohol
     Regulated entertainment
     Late night refreshment

  7. Eskfest - Premises Licence

    Eskfest - Premises Licence 

  8. Premises transfer application

    Premises transfer application

  9. Animal Activity Licences

    Animal Activity Licences

  10. Special Cumulative Impact Policy

    The purpose of this report is to request that defined areas of Whitehaven town centre be included within a new special cumulative impact policy.

  11. Windscale Club premises licence

    Notice of Application for a Premises Licence, Windscale Club

  12. Consent of Licence Holder to Transfer

    Consent of Licence Holder to Transfer

  13. Gambling Act 2005 - consultation on revised draft

    Gambling Act 2005 — Consultation of Revised Draft Statement of Licensing Policy (2019 – 2022)

  14. Letter - Dreft Revised P{olicy


  15. BBN Assessors Guidance

    BBN Assessors Guidance

  16. Premises Licence – Minor Variation

    Premises Licence – Minor Variation

  17. Licensing Forms

    Premises Licence Application

    Premises Licence Transfer Application

    Consent of Licence Holder to Transfer 

    Premises Licence – Minor Variation

    Premises Licence – Major Variation

    Notification of an Interest in a Premises

    Interim Authority Notice

    Provisional Statement Application 

    Review of a Premises Licence

    Advert – new application

    Advert – premise licence variation Advert

  18. Publication of statement of licensing policy 2016

    Notice of publication of statement of licensing policy 2016 - Gambling Act 2005.

  19. BBN scoring booklet

    BBN scoring booklet

  20. Premise Licence – Major Variation

    Premise Licence – Major Variation

  21. Personal licence forms

    Personal licence forms

  22. Puncheon - Variation - October 13

    Notice of application to vary premises licence at the Puncheon, Whitehaven

  23. Revised statement of licensing policy

    Publication of revised statement of licensing policy - Licensing Act 2003.

  24. BBN benefits

    BBN benefits

  25. Notification of an interest

    Notification of an interest


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