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Council tax

  1. Landlord change of circumstances form

    If you are a landlord please use this form to inform us of any changes in circumstances affecting tenants in your properties.


  1. Information for landlords about housing benefit

    Housing benefit is a means tested benefit administered by us on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It assists customers on low incomes with their rent payments. Housing benefit cannot help with deposits or rent paid in advance.

  2. Local Housing Allowance Rates 2013

    Local Housing Allowance Rates (maximum Housing Benefit) 2013. Rates will be updated annually on 1 April when all claims will be reviewed. If you have a change in your household circumstances during the year, please let us know as your LHA rate may change. Contact us on 01946 598300.


  3. LHA Rates April 17 CBC

    Local housing Allowance Rates April 2017 CBC

  4. Local Housing Allowance

    Information about the Local Housing Allowance and how it applies to private tenants claiming Housing Benefit.

  5. Local Housing Allowance Rates 2012

    LHA Rates for 2012

  6. Local Housing Allowance Rates 2011 Information about the maximum rate of Housing Benefit payable for private tenants for 2011.
  7. Housing Benefit overpayments

    Information about being overpaid benefit.


  1. Meeting of the Landlords Forum

    Meeting of the Landlords Forum

  2. How do I join the Copeland Landlord Forum?
  3. I have a problem tenant - what can I do?
  4. Housing

    Here you will find advice and guidance on all aspects of housing and homelessness. This includes our Copeland Housing Strategy and details of how we plan and deliver our housing service. You will find information to help you if you are looking for a property to rent, are having problems with your current place or are facing homelessness. We are here to help, so do please get in touch.

  5. Copeland landlord forum

    The landlord forum is a meeting of landlords who have properties in Copeland. It is held twice a year and it is a forum for:

    • Discussing current issues and having questions answered, for example about the changes to Housing Benefit
    • Sharing news and information
    • Exchanging advice
    • Receiving training, for example on tax and income for landlords
  6. Homes of multiple occupancy

    Homes of Multiple Occupancy is a legal term used to describe a certain type of house that is shared by three or more unrelated people, who all share facilities like the kitchen and the bathroom.

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