1. THI grant application form

    You can use this form to apply for a grant from the Whitehaven Townscape Heritage Initiative.  Please ensure all the relevant sections are completed as accurately as possible before signing the declaration and returning the form to the address below.  Please enter N/A if a question does not apply.  Please attach two copies of: drawings of the works, photos of relevant parts of the property, the project specification, schedule of works and schedule of itemised costs, the tenders for completing the works and the development appraisal.

Environmental health

  1. Repair and renewal flood grant application form

    This is the application form you need to apply for money to pay for flood repair or prevention worl after you have suffered flooding.

  2. Repair and Renew grants guidance notes

    This document tells you how to apply for a Repair and Renew Grant (to make your home more flood-resilient.) You should use it when you are filling in the application form for the grant.

Economic development

  1. Town Centre Regeneration Scheme guidance

    Copeland Pride of Place Town Centre Regeneration Scheme guidance 

  2. Town Centre Regeneration terms and conditions

    Copeland Pride of Place Towncentre Regeneration Scheme terms and conditions 

  3. Town Centre Regeneration Scheme flyer

    Copeland Pride of Place Town Centre Regeneration Scheme flyer

  4. Pride of Place Town Centre Regeneration Scheme

    Would your business benefit from new signage or a fresh coat of paint? Do you need to upgrade your shop front but don’t have the funds?

    Grants are available to assist commercial property owners/occupiers to undertake repairs and redecoration to improve the external appearance of business premises.

  5. Town Centre Regeneration Scheme application form

    Copeland Pride of Place Town Centre Regeneration Scheme application form 

  1. Changes to Flood Resilience Grant Scheme

    PLEASE NOTE - This information is subject to change

    Some changes have been made to the Flood Resilience Grant scheme (now known as the Property Resilience Grant Scheme), the changes reflect the developing government guidance and information district councils have received from our residents and businesses.

  2. Council secures £130,000 for weather repairs

    Copeland Council is one of the few to make full use of the Bellwin Scheme - goverment money to offest the cost of repairs after extreme weather.

  3. Application for a Property Resilience Grant

    Application for a Property Resilience Grant

  4. Application Property Resilience Grant notes

    Notes on Application for a Property Resilience Grant

  5. The Copeland Community Fund

    The Copeland Community Fund is an agreement negotiated with the Government to recognise the service the Copeland Borough provides to the nation by hosting the Low Level Waste Repository close to the village of Drigg.  The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority pay £1.5million a year into the fund for every year that the repository is operating; in addition to an initial endowment of £10m.

    The Fund provides a grant scheme specifically for the benefit of Copeland and is also committed to supporting community groups to develop their skills and confidence in applying for funding

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