Environmental health

  1. Repair and renewal flood grant application form

    This is the application form you need to apply for money to pay for flood repair or prevention worl after you have suffered flooding.

  2. Repair and Renew grants guidance notes

    This document tells you how to apply for a Repair and Renew Grant (to make your home more flood-resilient.) You should use it when you are filling in the application form for the grant.

  3. Flood re leaflet 2016

    Making insurance available and affordable for homes affected by flooding

  4. Flood Bulletin 13.10.17

    Flood bulletin 13.10.17

  5. Sandbags
  6. Coastal Erosion

    Copeland's beautiful coastline has an importnat role to play. It supports recreation, fishing and farmin as well as tourism with day trippers and holiday makers.

  7. Flooding:before, during and after

    Even if you live a long way from a river or the sea, floods can happen anywhere from a variety of sources which include surface water, blocked sewers and groundwater as well as rivers and the sea. Generally, it is up to the landowner to maintain any flood defences and to take reasonable steps not to increase the flood risk to anyone else.

  8. Flood protection

    Flooding can occur at any time for a number of reasons. We cannot stop flooding but we can all take steps to reduce the risks of it. It is best to be prepared. Find out if you live in a property that is known to be at the risk of flooding by checking out the maps on the Environment Agency's website. There are also booklets available with advice on how best to take precautions.

  9. New Floodline number

    The Environment Agency has launched an additional Floodline number for customers


  1. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

    A significant proportion of the urban areas within Copeland are situated in close proximity to the coast and the large rivers of the Borough, and these areas are consequently at risk of coastal and fluvial flooding. However, these are not the only flood risks. There are many locations that are threatened by flooding from the numerous small watercourses that are features of the upland and rural nature of Copeland, and from overloaded drainage and sewage systems.

    The Copeland Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been carried out to meet the following key objectives:

    • to collate all known sources of flooding to identify areas that have a ‘low’, ‘medium’ and ‘high’ probability of flooding;
    • to recommend appropriate land uses within flood affected areas;
    • to recommend possible flood mitigation solutions.  
  2. Copeland SFRA (2007)

    Copeland Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2007)

  3. SW Lakes Catchment Flood Management Plan

    South West Lakes Catchment Flood Management Plan - Final Plan (August 2008) 

  1. 2015 Household Flood Payment Scheme Form

    2015 Household Flood Payment Scheme (Cumbria) appliocation form

  2. Application for a Property Resilience Grant

    Application for a Property Resilience Grant

  3. Application Property Resilience Grant notes

    Notes on Application for a Property Resilience Grant

  4. Grants for flood work available

    Copeland homeowners will be given a helping hand to make their homes more flood resilient thanks to a new government grant scheme.

  5. Community Foundation launches flood fund

    The Cumbria Community Foundation has launched an appeal to raise funds to support people and communities devastated by the flooding and storms.

  6. Changes to Flood Resilience Grant Scheme

    PLEASE NOTE - This information is subject to change

    Some changes have been made to the Flood Resilience Grant scheme (now known as the Property Resilience Grant Scheme), the changes reflect the developing government guidance and information district councils have received from our residents and businesses.

  7. Egremont flooding update leaflet

    A leaflet giving the latest (as of March 2014) on measures taken in Egremont to alleviate flooding.

  8. Council secures £130,000 for weather repairs

    Copeland Council is one of the few to make full use of the Bellwin Scheme - goverment money to offest the cost of repairs after extreme weather.

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