1. You must be registered with us to vote

    Electoral registration

    The registration system changed on 10 June 2014. The new system is called Individual Electoral Registration. For more information visit your vote matters.

  2. Notice of election - Hensingham

    Notice of election for Hensingham by-election

  3. European Parliamentary elections verification

    European elections 2014 - notice of verification

  4. Ways to vote

    Whilst the usual way to vote is to attend a polling station, if you are unable to do this, there are other options available to you.

  5. Notice of poll - Hensingham

    Notice of poll for Hensingham by election.

  6. Mayoral referendum result information

    Details of the result of Copeland's Mayoral referendum

  7. Police and crime commissioner

    Police and crime commissioner elections took place for the first time on Thursday 15 November 2012.

  8. Notice of poll - County Council

    Notice of poll for County Council elections in May 2013.

  9. Declaration referendum result

    Declaration of result of referendum

  10. Cumbria County Council Elections – 2 May 2013

    The next County Council elections take place on Thursday 2nd May 2013. Cumbria County Council has 84 Elected Members, each representing a single electoral division of the County. Elections of all councillors are normally held on the first Thursday in May every 4 years. (By-elections may be held to fill vacancies which occur between the scheduled elections.)

  11. Five per cent notice 2012

    Statutory notice of what constitutes 5% of the Copeland population.

  12. Result of European elections 22 May 2014

    Copeland has now completed the count for the European Elections. You can find Copeland’s results here. For the results for the North West Region please visit

  13. County Council election results

     The results of the Cumbria County Council elections in Copeland held in May 2013 are listed below. In each case (E) indicates the candidate that was elected.

  14. Notice of casual vacancy

    Notice of a vacancy for a ward councillor in the Hensingham Ward.

  15. An elected mayor - frequently asked questions

    On May 22 Copeland voted to have an election for a mayor - rather than a leader - to lead the council. This document answers some of the most requently asked questions about what happens next.

  16. A Directly Elected Mayor

    In May 2015 there will be an election for a Directly Elected Mayor in Copeland. This page tells you lots about that process and we will update it as we get nearer to the election.


  17. Results of Hensingham by-election

    The results of the Copeland Borough Council Hensingham by-election held in May 2013 is listed below. (E) indicates the candidate that was elected.

  18. Notice of Referendum

    Notice of referendum that will be held on 22 May 2014.

  19. Polling district review - a detailed guide

    A guide to our review into polling districts and polling stations.

  20. Statement of persons nominated for Elections 2015

    Statement of persons nominated for Elections 2015


  21. Postal voters need to update information If you usually have a postal vote you will be receiving a letter to enable us to update your personal information.
  22. Directly elected Mayor verification notice

    Directly elected mayor verification notice

  23. Notice of polling district and place review

    The official notice of our review of polling districts and polling places

  24. A town council for Whitehaven?

    We want your views on the community governance review into a town/parish council for Whitehaven and Sandwith.

  25. Notice of Referendum

    Notice of Referendum on whether Copeland Borough Council should have a Directly Elected Mayor


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