1. West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) Appendix 1

    West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) - Appendix 1 - Survey Area Map

  2. WC Retail Assessment Addendum Report 2012

    Retail Assessment Addendum Report 2012 - West Cumbria Evidence Base.

  3. West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) Appendix 4

    West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) - Appendix 4 - Business Survey Results

  4. West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) Appendix 3

    West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) - Appendix 3 - In Street Surveys

  5. West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) Appendix 8

    West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) - Appendix 8 - Suggested Primary Shopping Areas and Town Centre Boundaries

  6. West Cumbria Retail Study 2009

    West Cumbria Retail Study - Final Report 2009

  7. West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) Appendix 7

    West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) - Appendix 7 - Statistical Analysis

  8. West Cumbria Retail Studies

    In April 2008, Copeland Borough Council, Allerdale Borough Council and Cumbria County Council commissioned WYG Planning and Design to undertake an assessment of the current and future retail role of the main centres within the West Cumbria Sub-Region.  The study includes an in-depth analysis of the retail provision within the main centres of the West Cumbria Sub-Region, including an assessment of the extent to which the centres are meeting the retail needs of the local population and the role of the local shopping network and the Sub-Regional shopping hierarchy.  The West Cumbria Retail Study was published in April 2009.

    The West Cumbria Retail Assessment Addendum was published in January 2012.

  9. West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) Appendix 2

    West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) - Appendix 2 - Household Survey Results

  10. West Cumbria Economic Blueprint

    The West Cumbria Economic Blueprint sets out Britain’s Energy Coast’s vision for the development of the local economy in West Cumbria over the next 15 years. Launched in June 2012, the Blueprint articulates the collective aims of local public and private sector partners to build on the area’s unique nuclear expertise and global position to develop a dynamic, wealth creating, sustainable economic future for today, tomorrow and future generations.

  11. West Cumbria Economic Blueprint

    West Cumbria Economic Blueprint June 2012.

  12. Cumbria Economic Plan 2007

    Cumbria Economic Plan

    September 2007

  13. Cumbria Economic Strategy 2009 - 2019

    Cumbria Economic Strategy 2009 - 2019

  14. Northwest Regional Economic Strategy 2006

    Northwest Regional Economic Strategy (2006)

  15. Britain's Energy Coast Masterplan (2007)

    Britain's Energy Coast: A Masterplan for West Cumbria - Executive Summary (2007)

  16. West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) Appendix 6

    West Cumbria Retail Study (2009) - Appendix 6 - Focus Reports for Workington and Whitehaven

Economic development

  1. Hundreds try their hand at traditional skills
  2. Work Academy sets locals on career path
  3. Support for existing businesses in Copeland

    Here we look at what support is available for existing businesses in Copeland.

  4. Copeland Work & Skills Partnership 2018/19

    Copeland Work & Skills Partnership 2018/19 report

  1. Creating Careers press release

    We are supporting a project which will offer nine long-term unemployed people from Copeland jobs within the Sellafield Ltd Infrastructure Strategic Alliance (ISA) contract following the successful completion of a pilot employment support programme.

  2. Copeland villages in national top ten

    An interesting piece of research has named three Copeland villages as among the most desirable in the UK.


  3. Creating Careers - Morgan Sindall's press release

    A press release from Morgan Sindall about the Creating Careers scheme - a scheme we are supporting which creates apprenticeships in Copeland.

Enforcement and support services

  1. Whitehaven Market - give us your views

    At the end of September 2016 Whitehaven Market was relaunched in a joint effort between Copeland Borough Council and Whitehaven Town Council.


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