Directly Elected Mayor

  1. A Directly Elected Mayor - FAQs

    These questions will help you find out more about the Directly Elected Mayor system.

  2. A Directly Elected Mayor

    In May 2015 there will be an election for a Directly Elected Mayor in Copeland. This page tells you lots about that process and we will update it as we get nearer to the election.


  3. Mike Starkie - Elected mayor

    In May this year, 2015 the residents of Copeland elect the borough’s first Elected Mayor, Mike Starkie.

  4. Interview with Elected Mayor

     Copeland's first elected mayor sits down with The Guide's Ali Hipkin to share the man behind the politics at The Western Lakes Home and Garden Show.

  5. Elected Mayor Executive announcement

    Elected Mayor Executive announcement


  1. Statement of persons nominated for Elections 2015

    Statement of persons nominated for Elections 2015

  2. Elected Mayor of Copeland, Mike Starkie


    Telephone: 01946 598538

    Mobile: 0777 555 0187

    Facebook page: Elected Mayor of Copeland

    Twitter: @Copelandmayor 

  3. Notice of Copeland mayoral election

    Notice of the upcoming Mayoral election in Copeland

  4. Statement of persons nominated Mayor of Copeland

    Nominations for Directly Elected Mayor

  5. Appointment of Election Agents

    Appointment of election agents

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