Council tax reduction scheme



  1. council tax reduction scheme

    As part of Welfare Reform, from 1st April 2013, the Government abolished Council Tax Benefit and replaced it with a new local financial support scheme, called Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS).

  2. Housing benefit appeals

    Information about what to do if you think the decsion about your Housing Benefit is wrong.

  3. How to claim housing and/or council tax reduction

    You can use the same form to claim both housing and council tax reduction.

  4. Housing Benefit or CTRS claim

    Details about the documents we need to see in support of your application for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction. Council Benefit has been replaced by a Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

  5. Second Adult Rebate

    Information about Second Adult Rebate, an alternative to Council Tax Reduction which can be claimed by people who have other adults on low incomes living with them.

  6. Localising council tax support

    In April 2013 Council Tax Benefit was abolished and councils have had to devise their own local schemes of support for people on low incomes. The Government has announced a £100 million fund to support councils to develop their plans. It has also published guidance about the rules that it wants councils to put into place to ensure that low income households do not face "an extensive increase in their Council Tax liability in 2013-2014.

    Here you can read details of our scheme.

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  1. Council Tax Support Scheme Summary

    Council Tax Support Scheme Summary

  2. Council Tax Support Scheme - Web Comments

    Council Tax Support Scheme - Web Comments

  3. CBC Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2017-18

    CBC Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2017-18

  4. Council Tax and NDR Leaflet 2017-18

    This leaflet explains how the council is funded and how we spend the money.

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