Council plans


Locality working

  1. Copeland Partnership

    The Copeland Partnership resulted from a consultation process during 2010, to create a specific local strategic partnership arrangement for Copeland.  The roots of the Copeland Partnership are in our six localities and its structure has been built around existing partnership working facilitating streamlined delivery and many routes of influence. 


  2. Copeland Partnership Plan

    This Copeland Partnership Plan sets out our ten year shared vision for maintaining and building sustainable communities throughout Copeland. The single set of priority outcomes and measure of success are for all services in Copeland to focus on delivering to address local issues and community concerns.

  1. Performance

    Our council plan sets out what we aim to achieve in any given year. We report against this to our Executive on a monthly basis.

  2. Summary of achievements 2016-17

    A summary of some of our achievements over the year 2016-17

Policy and transformation

  1. Corporate plan 2013-15

    Our corporate plan for 2013-15 which sets out our priorities and goals for the next two years.

Human Resources

  1. Pay policy

    Details of pay policy covering all employees of Copeland Borough Council.

democratic services

  1. Your council
    • Here you can find out how the council is run and how we are structured. For details of our services click on the 'our services' heading on the green menu a the top of the page.
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