1. CDF Minutes 22 01 14

    CDF Minutes 22 01 14


  1. List of potential community asset transfers

    The document lists the Council's assets for potential Community Asset Transfer.

Enforcement and support services

  1. Whitehaven Market - give us your views

    At the end of September 2016 Whitehaven Market was relaunched in a joint effort between Copeland Borough Council and Whitehaven Town Council.


  1. Christmas Opening Hours

    Christmas opening hours - community organisations 

  2. Whitehaven Civic Hall

    Whitehaven Civic Hall is owned by Copeland Borough Council and managed by Rosehill Youth Theatre.

  3. Whitehaven – Coal, Rail and Ships

    Whitehaven – Coal, Rail and Ships

    Once a small fishing village, Whitehaven grew into a major port of industrial innovation with good trade links to the Caribbean and North America.

  4. Parton – Industry & Education

    Parton – Industry & Education

    Parton, once on the edge of the Roman Empire, later developed as an industrial port offering a range of trades and manufacturing services.

  5. Copeland Pride of Place

    The Copeland Pride of Place initiative aims to encourage residents and businesses to take pride in their borough and work towards making Copeland a better place to live, work and visit. Concentrating on the following areas, the drive will aim to discourage low level offences and encourage businesses and residents to improve and maintain their premises.

  6. Domestic Homicide Review 2015

    Domestic Homicide Review 2015

  7. Millom – Mill on the Hill

    Millom – Mill on the Hill

    The mines that once were at the centre of Millom working life, now protect local wildlife.

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Millom's rich history

The Western Lakes Home and Garden Show

  1. The Home and Garden Show


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    WesternLakes Home & Garden Show

    15th and 16th May 2015

    The Whitehaven Festival Co was established in 1998 as a group of volunteer friends to organise events that would help the economic viability of Whitehaven via events and marketing. For 15 years we ran tall ship visits, Continental Markets, Fairs and of course the Whitehaven Maritime Festival. The latter event attracted over 250,000 each year but was proving too large and cumbersome for us to continue with so last years event in June 2013 was the last one.

democratic services

  1. Egremont Community Governance Review terms of ref

    Egremont Community Governance Review - terms of reference

  2. Egremont Community Governance Review - map

    Egremont Community Governance Review - map

  3. Egremont Community Governance Review

    We are asking Egremont people for their views on a proposed change to electoral ward boundaries.

  4. Egremont Community Governance Review - proposals

    Egremont Community Governance review - proposals

  5. Egremont Community Governance Review - report

    Egremont Community Governance Review - report


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