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December 12 General Election

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  1. Cumbria Deal Letterhead

    Cumbria Deal Letterhead

  2. Community Trigger

    We have received 0 applications from March 2015 - March 2016.

    Cumbria Community Safety Partnership, which includes the Police, the Council and registered housing providers, work together to tackle anti-social behavior and hate incidents.

    Anti–Social Behaviour (ASB) is defined as ‘behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress’ to members of the public and is a broad term describing day- to-day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder that can make the lives of those that suffer it a misery.

    Hate incidents are defined as any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a personal characteristic, (race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity).

    The Community Trigger is a process you can use to ask agencies to review their response to anti-social behavior or hate incidents you have reported.

  3. Cumbria Deal Final

    Cumbria Deal Final

  4. e-Copeland Matters Magazine

    The residents' e-magazine from Copeland Borough Council

    Your monthly e-Copeland Matters brings you the latest news from Copeland Council, useful information and features on our services.

  5. Background images This is the page gallery of all the background images used on the Copeland website. To view the full un-cropped version in a new window, please click on the image.
  6. Copeland Open For Business

    More than 300 representatives from businesses across the UK flocked to the Copeland Open for Business Conference in Whitehaven to discover how to make the most of the estimated £90 billion investment in West Cumbria over the next 20 years.

  7. Community Trigger Referral Form

    The broad nature of anti social behaviour (ASB) means that responsibility for dealing with it rests across a number of agencies and whilst the Cumbria Community Safety Partnership is committed to tackling the harm caused by ASB it is accepted that we may not always get it right and the trigger is a way of empowering victims and holding agencies to account.

    If you have reported at least 3 incidents of ASB in the last six months and you feel that no action has been taken you may be eligible to use the Community Trigger Procedure. By no action taken we mean that -

    • The reported problems have not been acknowledged – i.e. no one contacted you to advise what action would be taken.
    • The reported problems have not been appropriately investigated. 
    • Your vulnerability and/or the potential for harm has not been considered and this has affected potential service delivery.
    • No action has been taken because information has not been shared between partners and this has affected potential service deliv
  8. Get your electric blanket checked for winter Cumbria County Council's Trading Standards and Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service are offering free electric blanket testing sessions across the County.
  9. The Copeland Community Fund

    The Copeland Community Fund is an agreement negotiated with the Government to recognise the service the Copeland Borough provides to the nation by hosting the Low Level Waste Repository close to the village of Drigg.  The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority pay £1.5million a year into the fund for every year that the repository is operating; in addition to an initial endowment of £10m.

    The Fund provides a grant scheme specifically for the benefit of Copeland and is also committed to supporting community groups to develop their skills and confidence in applying for funding

  10. Whitehaven, Egremont and District Credit Union

    A credit union is a community based, non profit making, savings and borrowings organisation that is owned, run and controlled by its members, all of whom are volunteers.

  11. North Lakes Foodbank

    The North Lakes Foodbank is a community-based project providing food for people in crisis throughout Allerdale and Copeland. It was seeded by the Trussell Trust, a Christian based organisation, committed to launching life changing community-based projects.

    The North Lakes Foodbank Opening times are as follows:

    North Lakes foodbank opening times

    Please note that you will need an orange voucher from a Foodbank voucher holder to receive food, bring it to us during these times and exchange it. If you are in need of food and do not have an agency worker who holds our vouchers, contact us for signposting to one of our 85 voucher holders within Allerdale and Copeland.

  12. Haven Sent - Cumbria's biggest WI group Cumbria's newest Women's Institute, "Haven Sent" is going from strength to strength as it recently celebrated being the largest WI in the county (July 2013)
  13. CDF Minutes of meeting 17 July 2012

    Minutes of the meeting of the Copeland Disability Forum held on 17 July 2012.

  14. Ways to welfare

    From time to time anybody can find themselves in financial difficulty and in need of a helping hand.

  15. CDF Minutes 22 01 14

    CDF Minutes 22 01 14

  16. Whitehaven Records Office

    Location of the records office and archive centre in Whitehaven.

  17. Whitehaven Citizens Advice Bureau Location of the Whitehaven Citizens Advice Bureau
  18. New life church, Whitehaven

    New life church, Whitehaven.

  19. Egremont library

    Egremont library is located at West Lakes Academy, Main Street, Egremont CA22 2DQ.

  20. Millom Library

    Millom Library St George`s Road Millom LA18 4DD

    Tel:(01229) 772445 Fax:(01229) 772445

  21. Howgill Family Centre

    Howgill Family Centre is a registered charity which has operated in the communities of Whitehaven and Copeland for 35 years. Its headquarters is in Howgill Street in Whitehaven.

  22. Further studying and other options

    Sources of help to plan your studies and future career.

  23. Whitehaven Archives and Local Studies Centre

    Archives and local studies books relating to all aspects of West Cumbrian life, from the 12th century to the present day, are available for study (not loan) free of charge. Research facilities prove useful for pupils and students undertaking home work or college projects with a local or historic focus and advice is available. Experienced and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer guidance.

  24. Whitehaven library

    Whitehaven Library Lowther Street Whitehaven CA28 7QZ

    Tel:01946 506400 Fax:01946 852911

  25. Copeland Disability Forum

    Copeland Disability Forum works for equality for people with physical disabilities. It works with Copeland Borough Council to look at planning applications, suggest improvements to building access, and advise on other equality issues.


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