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December 12 General Election

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  1. Foyer

    Foyers are projects for young people that provide “a springboard to independent living,training and work”. Based on a French model, Foyers in Britain tend to contain accommodation and a range of support facilities in one building.

  2. Haverigg – Protect and Serve

    Haverigg – Protect and Serve

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Haverigg's rich history

  3. Silecroft – Sunsets and Seascapes

    Silecroft – Sunsets and Seascapes

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Silecroft's rich history


  4. St Bees – Cliff and Coast

    St Bees – Cliff and Coast

  5. Seascale

    The Seascale Crest comprises six segments, each containing an heraldic symbol representing different families from the area.  

  6. Drigg – Gulleries and Gunneries

    Drigg’s Coastal Dunes

    From the 8, 000 year old flint scatters found in the dunes to the wartime buildings nearby, this coastline invites us to explore its past life. Today, the 11km long dune system supports a wide variety of plants and animals, and offers people a chance to enjoy some stunning views.

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Drigg's rich history

  7. Bootle – Rescues & Resistance

    Bootle – Stubb Place

    Bootle is listed in the Domesday Book and received a market charter in 1347 from King Edward. Whilst the market had all but ceased by mid-19th century, cattle fairs and hiring fairs for servants continued. 

  8. Ravenglass – Tide & Time


    Ravenglass’ location by the estuary formed by three rivers, the Irt, Esk and Mite is critical to its historical development.  Access to the sea and a safe harbour were essential for trading, transportation and fishing.

Legal and licensing

  1. Street party guidance

    The Government has produced guidance giving practical advice for anyone looking to hold a street party.  The guidance includes an application for road closure orders for street parties, which we will be using to process applications.

  2. House to house collections

    A house to house collections licence is required when there is a collection for charitable purposes.

Environmental health

  1. Smoke Control Area: Distington

    Smoke Control Area Distington

  2. Smoke Control Areas

    Do you live in a smoke contol area? You can find out by going to the 'my property' section of the website. Just click on the words 'my property' in the top green menu and enter your postcode. You will then be given a range of information about the property in which you live including whether or not it is in a smoke control area.

  3. Smoke Control Area: Millom

    Smoke Control Area: Millom

  4. Smoke Control Area: Whitehaven

    Smoke Control Area: Whitehaven

Energy and nuclear

  1. MRWS video part 4

    Video of the meeting held at Copeland Borough Council on 30 January 2013 and the discussion and decision that took place around whether to proceed to stage four of the MRWS process.

  2. The Moorside project

    Provided here is the Archive plans for The Moorside project.

  3. The Moorside project

    Provided here is miscellaneous documents regardnig The Moorside Project.

  4. The Moorside project

    This is a record of the correspondence between NuGen and Copeland Borough Council.

  5. The Moorside project

    This planning statement has been prepared in support of the planning application submitted on behalf of NuGeneration Ltd.

  6. The Moorside project

    Request to discharge condition 9 of planning permission

  7. The Moorside project

    This letter discusses the first phase of activity on the site.

  8. The Copeland Big Switch

    Tired of high energy bills? Then join the Copeland Big Switch!

  9. The Moorside project

    We are reviewing proposals to build a new nuclear power station, called the Moorside project to the north of the current Sellafield site.


  1. Community right to bid Assets of Community Value – Community Right to Bid gives community groups the right to nominate a building or land as an asset of community value for listing by Copeland Borough Council.
  2. Assets of Community Value List and Decision

    The local planning authority is required to maintain a list of assets of community value. These assets can be nominated by community groups and Parish Councils to Copeland Borough Council and if the nomination is accepted by the Council it will be placed on the list.  The group will be given time to bid for the asset if it is ever put up for sale in the 5 year period it is listed as an Asset of Community Value. This part of the scheme is known as Community Right to Bid



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