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December 12 General Election

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Climate change



  1. Copeland Borough Council Greenhouse Gas Report

    Greenhouse Gas Report 2009/10 - 2011/12

  2. Energy efficiency in the home

    Making your home as energy efficient as possible will not only save you money but also help to reduce carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas causing climate change.

  3. Sustainability and Climate Change

    It is important to be aware of how we, as individuals and communities, affect the environment we live in and how we can contribute to its sustainability rather than it's deterioration.

  4. Low Carbon Business Case Studies

    The council has been helping local businesses grow - and be green at the same time. Here we share their experience of how the help they received benefited their business.

  5. Business doing its best for the environment

    For the the past two years the annual Copeland Pride Awards for celebrating business achievements in Copeland has included an environmental category. 

    This is our green award, for the business that goes the extra mile in what it delivers and ensuring that the environment is at the heart of everything it does. This might mean a business that is reducing its carbon footprint, offers environmentally friendly products or something even more radical.

Energy and nuclear

  1. Developing renewable energy

    Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which replenish themselves naturally. As supplies of fossil fuels run down and are not replaced, there will be massive investments in renewable energy.

  2. Offshore wind turbines

    Dong Energy is applying to the Planning Inspectorate for a Development consent order (DCO) to extend the Walney offshore wind farm. 

    The wind farm is not within the boundary of Copeland. However, it will be visible from along the coast from as far north as Egremont down to Millom.  As we are within 35km of the application we are considered to be within the Zone of visual influence (ZVI). 

    We will still be consulted on aspects of the application and there will be an opportunity to make representations. 

    We have already replied to the first stage of the consultation process submitting a joint consultation response with Cumbria County Council, Lancashire County Council, South Lakeland District, Lake District National Park and Lancaster City Council.

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