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December 12 General Election

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Bereavement services

  1. Memorial bench application form

    Please complete the memorial bench application form if you'd like a memorial bench to be installed. It should then be returned to: Distington Crematorium, Distington, Workington, CA14 4QY.

  2. Notice of Interment form

    To instruct us on your wishes. To be completed by you or the funeral director.

  3. Cremation and Cemetery fees 18 -19

    Cremation and Cemetery fees 18 -19

  4. Bereavement services

    Information about the breavement services we offer plus sources of help and support.

  5. Copeland's cemeteries

    Cemeteries are located in Whitehaven (adjacent to  the St Bees Road), Hensingham, Beckermet, Netherwasdale and Millom.

  6. Transferring burial deeds

    How to transfer Exclusive Rights of Burial deeds for cemetery plots.

  7. Memorial testing - why we do it

    This press release helps explain why we test all headstones and memorials, and lay them down if they are unsafe. It was issued by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management.


  8. Memorials

    We offer you the opportunity to commemorate a loved one by dedicating a bench in their memory at our cemeteries or at Distington Hall crematorium.

  1. Millom Park and Millom Cemetery

    We plan to buy, from Millom Town Council, some of Millom Park to use as part of our adjacent cemetery.


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