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December 12 General Election

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Buildings and structures



  1. newsletter-4

    Whitehaven Townscape Heritage Initiative Newsletter 4

  2. Newsletter 1

    Newsletter 1

  3. Newsletter 2

    Newsletter 2

  4. Public realm

    Public realm is defined as any publicly owned streets, pathways, right of ways, parks, publicly accessible open spaces and any public and civic building and facilities

  5. Newsletter 3

    Newsletter 3


  1. Form to notify us that an extension is complete

    Form to use to notify us that you have completed a single storey rear extension. Please return the form to

    Planning Department
    Copeland Borough Council
    Copeland Centre
    Catherine Street
    Whitehaven CA28 7SJ

  2. Major development proposals

    Major development proposals are often complex and raise a number of issues. We strongly encourage all developers to enter into early discussions on major proposals.

  3. Do I need planning permission? (Householder)

    Some alterations to your home may not require planning permission and could be carried out as a permitted development, if they satisfy certain limits and conditions. These may include the following:-

    • Extensions
    • Dormers/roof alterations
    • Outbuildings
    • Hard surfaces/decking
  4. Do I need planning permission for stables?
  5. Planning enforcement manual

    Detailed information on what constitutes a breach of planning rules and what action we can take.

  6. Application form to demolish something

    Form to submit if you are seeking permission to demolish something.

  7. Planning

    Information on all aspects of planning including when you need planning permission and how to get it.

  8. Lawful development certificate

    You can obtain formal confirmation that your proposed works are a permitted development by applying for a Lawful Development Certificate. This is not the same as planning permission but provides proof that your household building work is lawful, This type of application costs £86.

  9. Notification of a rear extension

    This form can be used by a household to notify us of the intention to use the permitted development rightsto build a single-storey rear extension of greater than four metres up to eight metres for a detached house and greater than three metres up to six metres for any other type of house outside Article 1(5) land* and sites of special scientific interest.

  10. Guidance on prior approval for extensions

    This guidance note only applies to the temporary permitted development arrangements introduced in May 2013 for single storey extensions to the rear of a house.


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