Legal and licensing

  1. Zoo licence

    Zoo licence

  2. Animal Activity Licences

    Animal Activity Licences

  3. Animal Boarding Application Form

    Animal Boarding Application Form

  4. Breeding of dogs application form

    Breeding of dogs application form

  5. Hiring out horses application form

    Hiring out horses application form

  6. Selling of animals application form

    Selling of animals application form

Enforcement and support services

  1. Dog on lead order
  2. Dog exclusion order
  3. Stray dogs



  4. Dogs Legislation and Powers

    For a long time the Council has had byelaws in place to take enforcement action in various parts of the Borough namely the parks and open spaces. Since the introduction of the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act (2005) from April 2006 the local authority (primary authority) and parish councils (secondary authority) have had the power to introduce dog control orders.

  5. Dogs Legislation and Powers

    Below is an explanation of each of the dog control orders.

  6. Dog nuisance

    In general, people are allowed to keep animals, as long as they do not cause a nuisance or a health hazard to other people and premises around them.

    This page outlines what can be done when this is not the case.

  7. Dog Fouling - Enforcement Services

    Dog fouling can be an unpleasant problem, and is one which we know angers many of our residents. We do our bit to clamp down on the problem.

  8. Dog control order dlo_0_2013.pdf

    This is the Dogs on Lead Order for St Joseph's Church, Seascale

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