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December 12 General Election

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  1. Severe weather emergency protocol

    Within its duties as a local authority, Copeland Council aims to ensure that vulnerable people are protected and provided for during the winter cold season, when extreme cold temperatures for extended spells can threaten the safety and wellbeing of some people living in the borough.

    This document sets out the mechanism by which rough sleepers in Copeland can access accommodation and support during periods of exceptionally cold weather when a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is activated.

  2. Can I get a grant from the council to help repair my property?
  3. My landlord wants me out of my house - what do I need to do now?


  1. Cumbria Gypsy and Traveller Draft Strategy 2010

    Cumbria Gypsy and Traveller Draft Strategy (2010)

  1. Our new Market Hall offices - What's changed?

    Our main reception is in the Market Hall, and we have an appointment system to help you see who you need. There is now no public access to the Copeland Centre, apart from for arranged meetings.

    Please see below for more information about the Market Hall, or call us on 019465 98300 if you would like to speak to a customer service officer.


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