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December 12 General Election

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group of people from different backgrounds

Copeland is split into six groups of parishes, clustered around a town or large village where most services are available. By working together these parishes are able to address their community’s priorities in ways that are not always possible working alone.

These community partnerships work with appropriate agencies to improve the way their services are provided. For example they have:

  • Listened to young people to understand their priorities and talked to people providing services to help young people and for them to do
  • Helped Wasdale and Seascale to establish a bus route to connect to the rail service on Saturdays
  • Taken on the gardening at Egremont Castle alongside environmental projects in the surrounding parishes of St Bees, Beckermet with Thornhill, Haile and Wilton, Lowside Quarter and Egremont
  • Started to work with the County Council to understand transport needs and community transport in their areas

When the website goes live we will have a map facility where you will be able to:

  • find out which locality your home is in and more about the community partnership there
  • find out who your parish, district and county councillors are
  • see what projects are happening in your community and how to get involved

The six Copeland partnerships are:


Young people

We have a good range of information on the website for young people. Look for the 'information for young people' black and white tag at the top of a page or use the search box.