Waste and Recycling

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Copeland Borough Council's Waste Management section provides a wide range of waste related services to the people, businesses and visitors of Copeland. We are committed to the provision of efficient, cost effective waste services.

We currently provide:

  • A regular refuse collection for the 33,160 homes in the borough including assisted bin collections for those who need help
  • A bulky household waste collection service for large items such as a beds, furniture, fridges etc. Please call 01946 598300 to arrange this. PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVICE IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO A CONTRACT DISPUTE BETWEEN CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL AND ITS CONTRACTORS. 
  • A trade waste service on 7 days per week
  • Community recycling points throughout the borough.
  • Household Waste Recycling Centres are located throughout the county. 
  • A street cleaning service for in excess of 500 kilometres of streets and roads
  • Beach cleaning.
  • Collections from more than 500 litter bins
  • Removal of fly tipping from the council's land
  • Support of community/voluntary clean-ups

To see when your bin is collected visit the waste and recycling rounds section

For an A-Z list of what you can recycle and where, check out this Frequently Asked Question.