Polling District and Polling Places Review

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Polling District and Polling Places Statutory Review 2019

We started our statutory review of polling districts and polling places, as required under Section 18 of the Representation of the People Act 1983, on June 12, 2019. Every five years, local authorities are required to compulsory review its UK Parliamentary polling districts and polling places.

We would like to invite interested parties, stakeholders, political groups and electors to make any comments on the proposed changes to its Polling Districts and Polling Places. The full details of the consultation and proposals can be viewed on this website.

Between June 12 and July 24, electors and stakeholders from within Copeland may make representations on the above.

The proposed changes to the Polling Districts and Polling Places have also taken into account the changes to Copeland's ward boundaries, made by the Local Government Boundary Commission. The Commission’s final recommendations can be seen on its website:

Supporting documents

The Notice of Review & Timetable can be viewed at

A map of Copeland's polling districts can be viewed at

The Local Returning Officer for Copeland has now made and published her comments on the proposed polling stations and districts. The comments can be found at

How to get involved

We would also welcome representations from any residents or body, particularly disabled residents, on our proposals, the (Acting) Returning Officer’s representatives or any other matters.

Persons or bodies making representations should, if possible, give alternative places that may be used as polling places.   

How to get involved

Representations may be made via:

  • Email:

  • By post to: Electoral Services, Copeland Borough Council, Market Hall, Market Place, CA28 7JG