Delayed waste/recycling collections

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Sometimes we experience difficulties collecting waste and recycling in our borough for a variety of reasons including:

• Roadworks and road closures in the area

• Access issues (often caused by parked cars that our vehicles are unable to manoeuvre around)

• Adverse weather conditions

• Vehicle breakdowns

We apologise if your collection has been delayed and we will make further attempts to collect your waste and/or recycling at the next possible opportunity.

Please see information below for details of collections that have been delayed, and our anticipated return date.

We will only publish details of delayed collections on this page when the impact is widespread.

You can contact our Customer Services team on at for information around missed collections where it affects an individual or small number of properties

Delayed collections:

The following streets have not had their recycling collected on Friday, June 14. We will make every effort to collect it on Saturday, June 15.


Hillcrest Avenue
Standing Rise
The Crest
Ruskin Avenue
Woodland Avenue
Inkerman Terrace
Springfield Avenue
Springfield Grove
Wordsworth Road
Greenland Avenue
Yewbank Terrace
Thornton Road
Granville Close
Cross Lane
Jericho Road
Balmoral Road (and closes off Balmoral Road)
Carlton Drive (and closes off Carlton Drive)
Caldbeck Road
Jubilee Road
Chatsworth Road
Winchester Drive

Other areas:

Rheda Park
Foumart Hill
Abbey Vale, St Bees