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Where you see this symbol FAQ you can submit a question and we will add the answer to our pool of Frequently Asked Questions for the benefit of other users. Whilst using the website if you come across a term or word you do not understand, then you can submit it to our glossary and we will provide an explanation, which again will help other users. We try to use plain language where possible and your feedback will help. Thank you.

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Where can I get planning application forms?

You can find all forms relating to planning issues here. These can be found under our planning section.

How do I submit a planning application?

We have plenty of advice and guidance on submitting a planning application on the website. However, before you do so, we do offer a pre-planning advice service which we recommend that you use.

Can I view plans online?

Unfortunately not at the moment. However, we are looking to introduce this facility very shortly as we recognise that this is something that will be a big help to customers.

How much does it cost for a planning application?

The most common current application fees are

  • Householder development £172
  • Single dwelling £385
  • Change of use £385
  • Advertisement consent £110
  • Discharge of conditions £28 (householder) and £97 (non-householder)
  • Non-material amendments £28 (householder) and £192 (non-householder)

View the scale of fees for all types of planning applications

You can calculate your fee here using the planning portal fee calculator.

If you are unsure what fee applies to a planning application then you can contact us at or telephone 01946 59421

Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is not always a quick yes or no answer. However, we have plenty of advice and guidance on all aspects of planning. This webpage gives you an overview of most situations and explains what to do.

How do I object to a planning application?

We have a page of information which explains exactly how to find and comment on planning applications.

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

This depends on the size and design of the conservatory. We have guidance notes and information on our planning pages. If you wish to go ahead, complete this form and this will help us to determine if your proposal requires planning permission.

How do I get a compost bin?

Visit here for more information about compost bins.

How do I report a pothole or other highways issue?

To report a pothole or other problem with a road or pavement, please contact Cumbria County Council.

You can email them at or to report a fault by phone, call the Highways Hotline on 0845 609 6609 (answer phone service evenings, weekends and public holidays).

Who do I contact regarding repairs?

At the council we do not deal with everyday problems with housing association properties such as repairs – you need to phone your housing association.

The contact details for the main housing associations are:

  • Home Group Housing Association: 0345 141 4663
  • Two Castles Housing Association: 01946 591848
  • Impact Housing Association: 0344 8736290