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Why are other councils not making cuts?

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It may sometimes seem that other councils are thriving whilst Copeland is having to make massive cuts but the reality is that all local authorities have been hit by changes to the way they receive funding from Government. For Copeland, we now have a third less money than before. Local councils differ in their size, the type of income they receive, the types of houses they have that generate council tax revenue, the number of people in employment or claiming benefits. It is not always easy to compare one with another. 

Allerdale, for example, is much bigger than Copeland. It has more income generated through things like council tax and car parking - as it has within its borough towns such as Keswick, Workington and Maryport. Whilst Allerdale is able to invest in certain things, like all authorities it is still facing the challenge of operating with less central funding. 

Cumbria County Council is faced with finding savings of £80m and they face the prospect of making hundreds of staff redundant. Each authority has to balance their budget in the best way they can depending on local needs and priorities. All local councils have had to make massive savings. For more details about the cuts facing the County Council go to

Finding efficiencies in the way services are delivered is the first place to start. However, as the income gets less, then councils are forced to look at different ways to find the money. This means stopping services altogether, or using third parties to deliver those services.

Published: 20 September 2013 - 8:48am

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