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My landlord wants me out of my house - what do I need to do now?

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If your landlord wants you to move out of your house, you should start to look at your options to make sure you don’t become homeless. We can help you to do this – please contact us on 0845 0548600 to make an appointment. If you are in danger, for example if you are being threatened with violence, always dial 999.

There are certain things that your landlord is legally required to do if they want you to move out of your house.

These things will vary according to what type of tenancy agreement you have, however there are some things that nearly always count as a criminal offence:

  • changing the locks while you are out
  • threatening you or forcing you to leave
  • physically throwing you out
  • stopping you from getting into certain parts of your home
Published: 31 October 2012 - 9:56am

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