How do I get my vehicle licensed as a taxi?

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Hackney Carriage vehicles are required to be licensed to ensure that they are suitable for use by the public.

We have a vehicle age restriction policy and subject to certain exceptions,  we will not licence a vehicle that is more than five years old. However, once the vehicle is licensed it is entitled to remain licensed until it is not more than eight years old.

A licence is issued for 12 months and vehicles over three years of age are required to undergo twice yearly mechanical tests (fee of £30.00 payable at time of test).

Before a licence can be issued you must make an appointment for a taxi test at:

May Gurney Fleet and Passenger Services LimitedWhitehaven Commercial ParkMoresby ParksWhitehavenTel: 01946 517600

You should then take the completed application form to May Gurney Fleet and Passenger Services Limited at the time of the taxi test together with:

  • Vehicle Registration Document/Bill of Sale
  • Valid MOT Certificate (if applicable).

Once the vehicle has passed the taxi test, you can submit the application form, pass certificate and checklist to us together with:

  • Vehicle Registration Document/Bill of Sale
  • Valid MOT Certificate (if applicable)
  • Valid Insurance Certificate/Cover Note.

We will then issue the licence along with a yellow licence plate for you to affix to the rear bumper of your vehicle.

Published: 8 August 2012 - 4:08pm

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