A town council for Whitehaven?

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We want your views on the community governance review into a town/parish council for Whitehaven and Sandwith.

A Town/Parish Council for Whitehaven and Sandwith? Have your say by filling out our form.


Where else can I have my say?

  • Come to Whitehaven Carnival on Saturday July 5th. We’ll be in Castle Park from noon until 4pm. You can ask questions and give us your views.
  • There will also be a drop in event on Saturday 19 July at the United reformed church in Whitehaven, from 10am until noon.


What is a Community Governance Review?

A community governance review provides an opportunity for authorities to review and make changes to how local government is set up in their area.

The aim is to make sure local government works effectively and reflects the needs and identities of local communities.

The recommendations from a review should deliver improved community engagement, more cohesive communities, better local democracy and more efficient delivery of local services.


What is being asked?

Whitehaven is being asked to decide on:

A)     Whether they would like Whitehaven to have a parish/town council/s


B)     If so, which of two models they would prefer to see.


The two models are:


A)     Two councils called, for ease of reference, East Whitehaven and West Whitehaven, as shown on the questionnaire. This option splits the existing ward of Bransty roughly along the line of the Loop Road. The electorates, number of councillors, ratios and an example budget can be seen here.

B)     A single council with an example budget of £300,000 per year. This could have either 18 or 25 councillors with parish wards identical to the borough wards. You can see a draft budget and precepts for this model here.

 There's lots more details in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What next?

Once the results of this consultation have been gathered, they will be presented to the community governance review group, who will consider them and make recommendations.

The full council of Copeland Borough Council aims to look at those recommendations, alongside the results of the consultation, on 11 September. If they feel there is enough support, and a town/parish council/s would deliver better local government, they will recommend that a town or parish council be created.

An order will be made and a shadow town/parish council/s put in place. On May 7 2015, there will be an election when the town/parish councillors will be formally elected.

If they feel there isn’t enough support for this change to local governance, then no change will be made.

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the community governance review and town/parish councils.


Contact details for further information:

Postal address: Community Governance Review, Members Services, Copeland Borough Council, Copeland Centre, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, CA28

Published: 1 July 2014 - 1:59pm