Small Business Rate Relief

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You may be entitled to a 100 per cent reduction on your Non Domestic Rate charge if your business occupies a Non Domestic Rated property with a Rateable Value of less than than £12,000.


How much relief do you get?

Eligible businesses with rateable values below £12,000 are entitled to 100 per cent rate relief on their liability.

This relief will decrease on a sliding scale of one per cent for every £30 the rateable value is over £12,000, up to a maximum of £15,000.

The relief is available to rate payers with either:

  • one property, or
  • one main property and other additional properties, providing the additional properties do not have individual rateable values of more than £2,899, and the combined rateable value of all the properties is under £19,999.


In addition to this relief on liability, eligible businesses with rateable values below £50,999 with have their liablity calculated using the small business multiplier.

With effect from October 1 2017, small business rate relief can be backdated for eligible businesses to April 1 2012.

It is a criminal offence to provide false information when applying for Small Business Rate Relief. If you do so you could be fined, imprisoned or both.

Applying for Small Business Rate Relief

  • To apply for small business rate relief, you need to fill in this form and return it to Copeland Borough Council, Market Hall, Market Place CA28 7JG.


Published: 23 May 2012 - 9:22am