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Refuse collection

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We collect household waste from 32,000 properties across Copeland either by providing a fortnightly wheeled bin collection service or a weekly blue bag service.

In addition, some households also receive a fortnightly collection of garden waste.

All of our household waste collections are for a restricted amount of waste. This is because we want you to use our recycling facilities to minimise the amount of waste that you throw away. Please ensure that you put out your bin for collection before 7am on the day of collection.

If you think your bin has been missed and has not been emptied, please call us on 01946 598300.

Larger bins

If you have more than six people in your household, or  a number of young children,  you might require a larger bin. You can request a bigger bin by calling us on 01946 598300.

Assisted collections

We realise that it might be hard for some people  to put out a bin for collection. If you have limited mobility or another reason why you are unable to put out your bin, we can offer different types of assistance. Please contact us to discuss your situation. 

To see when your bin is collected visit the waste and recycling rounds section

Published: 4 July 2012 - 1:42pm