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December 12 General Election

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Copeland Partnership

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The Copeland Partnership resulted from a consultation process during 2010, to create a specific local strategic partnership arrangement for Copeland.  The roots of the Copeland Partnership are in our six localities and its structure has been built around existing partnership working facilitating streamlined delivery and many routes of influence. 


The Copeland Partnership Plan sets out our ten year shared vision for maintaining and building sustainable communities throughout Copeland. The Partnership Plan has been developed to be smart, realistic and achievable. The single set of priority outcomes and measures of success are for all services in Copeland to focus on delivering to address local issues and community concerns.

The Plan sets out the Partnership’s Vision for a Sustainable Community, to:

  • Be a strong, diversified and well-connected economy, with a growing, appropriately skilled population with high employment
  • Protect and enhance its special natural environments and be recognized by all as an area of outstanding natural beauty and vibrant lifestyle, which attracts a diverse population and visitor profile
  • Be home to a strong and healthy community, which offers (all of its) people a good quality of life and enables them to play a full part in their community and locality.
  • Be globally recognized as a leading nuclear, energy, environment and related technology business cluster, building on its nuclear assets and its technology and research strengths.

Over a number of conferences, and utilising existing networks, such as the West Cumbria Child Poverty Action Group, where they exist, the Partnership has agreed an Action Plan and a set of measures for success was agreed which would show how the Partnership priorities and actions would influence change in the borough.

These priorities were based on four themes:

  • Raise People’s Aspirations
  • Sustain and develop Copeland as a Quality Place
  • Build on Copeland’s Prosperity
  • Work in Partnership across Copeland
Published: 6 November 2012 - 12:48pm