Business Sites and Premises

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This section tells you about our commercial sites and premises database

Business Sites and Premises

Our economic development team aims to encourage business development and as part of this approach we offer an extensive database of employment land and commercial premises available in the Copeland district. The database is produced in conjunction with local commercial agents, is updated regularly and is free of charge.

Online Search for Business Sites and Premises

Our interactive system allows you to search for business sites and premises by various criteria including new properties, property type, location and size.

If you need further information on the advertised vacant sites and commercial premises we recommend you contact the relevant agent for full details.

Advertising Business Sites or Premises

If you currently have any commercial sites or premises to lease or sell and would like to take advantage of the free advertising on our site please let us have the details.


Published: 10 August 2012 - 9:40am