Business doing its best for the environment

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For the the past two years the annual Copeland Pride Awards for celebrating business achievements in Copeland has included an environmental category. 

This is our green award, for the business that goes the extra mile in what it delivers and ensuring that the environment is at the heart of everything it does. This might mean a business that is reducing its carbon footprint, offers environmentally friendly products or something even more radical.

The Woolpack Inn, Eskdale

The Woolpack Inn at Eskdale was the winner of the 2012 Copeland Pride Award for business doing its best for the environment.

Harry and Paddington Berger who own the business have put a lot of time,  effort, money and resources into making the Woolpack an environmentally friendly destination. In 2011 they replaced their oil boiler with a biomass system which provides room and water heating. All the wood is sourced in the Eskdale valley and processed on site which reduces the transport impact of lorries in the valley and has created local employment. They source local products where possible and work hard to reduce their waste.  They have also taken many steps to reduce their use of electricity and water without compromising their visitors comfort and experience.
Their staff are committed to their environmental practices; they have worked with Cumbria Business Environment Network to make improvements; and have ambitions to achieve much more, a true example of a business committed to environmental improvement.

Gillerthwaite Field Centre - 2012 Runner Up

Gillerthwaite in the Ennerdale valley was established as a Field Study Centre in 1968, and since then has operated as an environmentally friendly destination for schools, groups and other visitors.  Because Gillerthwaite doesn’t have the luxury of mains gas or electricity, Gillerthwaite’s staff and visitors have had to be resourceful.   In 2011 with the help of its Trustees, the Centre managed to secure grants to install a hydroelectric turbine replacing their diesel generator and reducing their dependency on oil and LPG gas. 
Visitors to Gillerthwaite play their part in the day to day running of the centre, whether it’s chopping wood for the wood boiler or composting their food waste.  Over many years Gillerthwaite has given its visitors a truly unique experience of living sustainably in the fantastic setting of Wild Ennerdale. 

Haverigg Lighthouse - 2012 Runner Up

Haverigg Lighthouse is a not for profit enterprise and after lots of hard work, have built an environmentally friendly building for their community.  Opened in Spring 2012, the building is an inspiration for its visitors and local residents, boasting solar PV panels, a ground source heat pump, rainwater harvesting and other environmentally friendly features.  Children from Haverigg Primary School are its main customers and are encouraged to participate in environmental initiatives like ‘no waste’ week, supporting the schools status as an ECO School.
The Lighthouse has a welcoming café and offers visitors healthy, locally sourced food.  They have plans to improve on their environmental credentials, from growing their own food to supply the café, to recycling more of their waste.  The Lighthouse is a flagship environmental centre for Haverigg and Copeland. 


Published: 21 August 2012 - 3:20pm