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For all the latest Covid-19 information, including medical and social advice, and support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Title Downloadsort descending Last Updated
Safeguarding Children Policy PDF icon safeguarding_children_policy.pdf 07 Jan 2020
List of applications received w/e 03/01/2020 PDF icon d_weekly_list_03_01_20.pdf 07 Jan 2020
Expenditure over £500 December 2019 File trans_data_pd9_1920.csv 10 Jan 2020
List of applications received w/e 10/01/2020 PDF icon d_weekly_list_10_01_20.pdf 14 Jan 2020
List of applications determined w/e 10/01/2020 PDF icon d_weekly_list_of_decisions_10_01_20.pdf 14 Jan 2020
Street Collection Permit application form PDF icon street_collection_form.pdf 16 Jan 2020
Call for Sites Other Uses PDF icon call_for_sites_other_uses_2020.pdf 16 Jan 2020
Towns Fund prospectus PDF icon 20191031_towns_fund_prospectus.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Regularisation application - guidance note PDF icon regularisation_application_form.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Application for Regularisation Certificate PDF icon regularisation_certificate.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Building Notice Submission PDF icon building_notice_submission.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Full Plans Submission PDF icon full_plans_submission.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Conservatories and porches - guidance notes PDF icon porches_guidance.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Dangerous Buildings and Structures - guidance PDF icon dangerous_buildings_guidance.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Getting Your Plans Right First Time PDF icon getting_plans_right.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Householder Enquiry Form PDF icon householder_enquiry_form.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Notice of Intended Demolition PDF icon demolition_notice.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Windows: Means of Escape - guidance note PDF icon windows.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Exempt Buildings - guidance note PDF icon exempt_buildings_1.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance (surface) PDF icon percolation_surface.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance (soakaways) PDF icon percolation_soakaways.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Radon gas guidance PDF icon radon.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance - treatment facility PDF icon percolation_test_treatment.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance - foul PDF icon percolation_test_foul_1.pdf 17 Jan 2020
List of applications received w/e 17/01/2020 PDF icon d_weekly_list_17_01_20.pdf 21 Jan 2020