Community Trigger Referral Form

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The broad nature of anti social behaviour (ASB) means that responsibility for dealing with it rests across a number of agencies and whilst the Cumbria Community Safety Partnership is committed to tackling the harm caused by ASB it is accepted that we may not always get it right and the trigger is a way of empowering victims and holding agencies to account.

If you have reported at least 3 incidents of ASB in the last six months and you feel that no action has been taken you may be eligible to use the Community Trigger Procedure. By no action taken we mean that -

  • The reported problems have not been acknowledged – i.e. no one contacted you to advise what action would be taken.
  • The reported problems have not been appropriately investigated. 
  • Your vulnerability and/or the potential for harm has not been considered and this has affected potential service delivery.
  • No action has been taken because information has not been shared between partners and this has affected potential service deliv
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Published: 27 February 2015 - 4:22pm