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For all the latest Coronavirus information including support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Title Download Last Updated
Council Tax Reduction Scheme PDF icon council_tax_reduction_scheme.pdf 24 Jan 2020
Code of Conduct procedure PDF icon code_of_conduct_procedure.pdf 24 Jan 2020
Homelessness Strategy PDF icon homelessness_strategy_v5.pdf 14 Feb 2020
Towns Fund presentation PDF icon town_deal_presentation.pdf 24 Jan 2020
Parish Councillor David Halliday PDF icon decision_parsons_halliday.pdf 23 Jan 2020
Towns Fund - Cleator Moor boundary PDF icon cleator_moor_map.pdf 22 Jan 2020
Towns Fund - Millom boundary PDF icon millom_map.pdf 22 Jan 2020
Millom Spatial Framework PDF icon millom_spatial_framework.pdf 22 Jan 2020
Cleator Moor Spatial Framework PDF icon cleator_moor_spatial_framework.pdf 22 Jan 2020
J Huck - Code of Conduct PDF icon decision_notice_j_huck.pdf 21 Jan 2020
R Huck - Code of Conduct PDF icon decision_notice_r_huck.pdf 21 Jan 2020
Contract Standing Orders PDF icon contract_stan_orders.pdf 14 Feb 2020
List of applications determined w/e 17/01/2020 PDF icon d_weekly_list_of_decisions_17_01_20.pdf 21 Jan 2020
List of applications received w/e 17/01/2020 PDF icon d_weekly_list_17_01_20.pdf 21 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance - foul PDF icon percolation_test_foul_1.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance - treatment facility PDF icon percolation_test_treatment.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Radon gas guidance PDF icon radon.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance (soakaways) PDF icon percolation_soakaways.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Percolation Test Guidance (surface) PDF icon percolation_surface.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Exempt Buildings - guidance note PDF icon exempt_buildings_1.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Windows: Means of Escape - guidance note PDF icon windows.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Notice of Intended Demolition PDF icon demolition_notice.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Householder Enquiry Form PDF icon householder_enquiry_form.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Getting Your Plans Right First Time PDF icon getting_plans_right.pdf 17 Jan 2020
Dangerous Buildings and Structures - guidance PDF icon dangerous_buildings_guidance.pdf 17 Jan 2020