1. Conservation area development guide

    This document is part of the Whitehaven Town Centre Heritage and Design Series. This series has prepared on behalf of Copeland Borough Council to ensure that all development proposals in, or adjacent to, Whitehaven town centre’s conservation areas are well-considered, of high quality and have regard to their historical context.

  2. Beacon Heritage Open Day walks

    The Beacon Museum is offering free walks around Whitehaven revealing the town's amazing industrial past.

  3. Support for existing businesses in Copeland

    Here we look at what support is available for existing businesses in Copeland.

  4. Pow Beck Valley Stadium project

    This page includes a number of documents relating to the Pow Beck Valley Stadium project.

  5. Shop front design guide

    Whitehaven shop front design guide.

  6. Lime plastering course at Muncaster

    Lime plastering course at Muncaster

  7. Low Carbon Business Case Studies

    The council has been helping local businesses grow - and be green at the same time. Here we share their experience of how the help they received benefited their business.

  8. Haverigg – Protect and Serve

    Haverigg – Protect and Serve

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Haverigg's rich history

  9. Indicative public realm scheme

    Indicative public realm scheme

  10. Newsletter 3

    Newsletter 3

  11. Current coastal projects

    A summary of current or recent projects undertaken by the Copeland Coastal Partnership.

  12. Silecroft – Sunsets and Seascapes

    Silecroft – Sunsets and Seascapes

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Silecroft's rich history


  13. Foyer elevation

    Whitehaven foyer elevation plans


    A practical two-day course for students, building contractors and those interested in working with lime. Led by Lee Richards L.C.G.I and Master Plasterer.  This course will enable the students to develop their practical skills and understanding of lime through demonstrations and workshops. Topics will include:

    • Why do we use lime and the different types of lime

    • Specifications and choosing the right lime

    • How to mix and re-point with lime mortars

    • Mixing and applying plasters and rough cast renders

    • Mixing and applying a limewash

    • Health and Safety issues of working with lime

    Cost: £25 (includes tea and coffee on both days, but please provide your own lunch.)

  15. Coastal Community Network

    The Coastal Community Network is made up of coastal community groups in Copeland who have a shared interest in:

    • facilitating communication and co-operation within and between the coastal community groups
    • encouraging the sustainable management among those with an interest in, or impact on, Copeland’s coast
    • conserving, enhancing and managing the nature conservation interest of the coastal area
  16. Bootle – Rescues & Resistance

    Bootle – Stubb Place

    Bootle is listed in the Domesday Book and received a market charter in 1347 from King Edward. Whilst the market had all but ceased by mid-19th century, cattle fairs and hiring fairs for servants continued. 

  17. Foyer floorplan

    Whitehaven foyer floorplan

  18. What is Albion Square?
  19. Environmental advice for businesses

    Here you can find out how to make your business greener.

  20. Ravenglass – Tide & Time


    Ravenglass’ location by the estuary formed by three rivers, the Irt, Esk and Mite is critical to its historical development.  Access to the sea and a safe harbour were essential for trading, transportation and fishing.

  21. THI project boundary

    THI project plan boundary.

  22. Foyer

    Foyers are projects for young people that provide “a springboard to independent living,training and work”. Based on a French model, Foyers in Britain tend to contain accommodation and a range of support facilities in one building.

  23. Business doing its best for the environment

    For the the past two years the annual Copeland Pride Awards for celebrating business achievements in Copeland has included an environmental category. 

    This is our green award, for the business that goes the extra mile in what it delivers and ensuring that the environment is at the heart of everything it does. This might mean a business that is reducing its carbon footprint, offers environmentally friendly products or something even more radical.

  24. Drigg – Gulleries and Gunneries

    Drigg’s Coastal Dunes

    From the 8, 000 year old flint scatters found in the dunes to the wartime buildings nearby, this coastline invites us to explore its past life. Today, the 11km long dune system supports a wide variety of plants and animals, and offers people a chance to enjoy some stunning views.

    Click here to listen to the locally recorded audio files and learn about Drigg's rich history

  25. Newsletter 1

    Newsletter 1


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