Customer services


Customer services

  1. Pay us a Compliment Pay us a Compliment
  2. Local links

    Local links are a single place where local people can go to find out information about council services and get help and advice from trained customer service advisors.

  3. What are the opening hours of Copeland Bowls and Sports Centre?
  4. Services

    Here you can find out about the various services offered across Copeland. Some are provided by us and others are provided by other organisations and community groups.

    Find out more about the Good Neighbours Project.

    Affortable Warmth in Cumbria

    Affordable Warmth in your community

    Affordable Warmth for you

  5. How do I renew my library book?
  6. Website Help

    Here is where you can find details about how to use the new Copeland website.

  7. At what time does the council office open?
  8. Copeland events

    This is where you can find out about all the different types of events that are happening across Copeland. In due course this will include all our council and committee meetings as well as community events, school holiday events, local festivals plus what's on at the various theatres, arts and sporting venues across the borough. 

    If you would like to notify us of an event to include on the website, please contact

  9. How can I find a council house?
  10. Terms and conditions of use

    The Copeland Borough Council website is maintained for your personal use and viewing. Access and use by you of this site constitutes acceptance by you of these terms and conditions that take effect from the date of first use.

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  11. Quick links

    A short list of useful links

  12. How do I get a bus pass?
  13. The Copeland Centre

    Map and aerial photograph of the Copeland Centre. Car parking is available on the sports centre car park.

  14. Customer Service Commitments

    The following attachment gives details of our Customer Service Commitments.

  15. Where can I buy a RADAR key?
  16. Millom Council Office

    Location of the Copeland Council office in Millom. There is a car park to the rear of the office.

  17. Complaints, compliments and comments procedure

    The Comments, compliments and complaints procedure applies to all council employees and to employees and organisations who deliver services on behalf of Copeland Borough Council.  It reflects our commitment to ensuring that all departments deliver a consistent approach in responding to, and learning from, our customers in order to deliver excellent customer services.

  18. How do I apply for a Blue Badge?
  19. Cleator Moor office

    Location of the council offices in Cleator Moor. Car parking is available at Cleator Moor square. A list of all car parks is available here.

  20. Good neighbours project

    Could you be a good neighbour? We’re looking for communities who would like to bring people together by setting up a Good Neighbours Scheme. 

  21. How do I contact HMRC?
  22. Market Hall

    Please see below for all the relevant information you may need about the new reception facility, or call us on 019465 98300 if you would like to speak to a customer service officer.

  23. Affordable Warmth in Cumbria

    Affordable Warmth is the solution to Fuel Poverty.

    This is one of a series of briefings looking at the issue of fuel poverty in Cumbria; the causes, effects and solutions, for individual homes and communities.

    ACTion with Communities in Cumbria, in partnership with Churches Together in Cumbria have come together to raise awareness of the issues, promote discussion and information sharing within communities, and encourage community solutions to the challenges of Affordable Warmth for all.

  24. What is the phone number for DWP?
  25. Contacting the Council

    Details of how to contact us.


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