Building control


Building control

  1. Can you give me the name of a good architect or builder?
  2. Building Regulations Forms

    The following Building Regulation Forms and supplementary guides are available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access them.

    If you do not have a copy, please follow the link to the Adobe website where you can download a copy for free.

  3. Full plans or building notice submission guidance

    You can make a Building Regulations application in two ways – full plans or building notice.This guidance explains the main differences between the two.

  4. Means of Escape Windows Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for means of escape windows.

  5. Do I need Building Regulations approval to convert my loft into a room?
  6. How long do I have to start work after my Building Regulations application has been fully approved?
  7. Guidance

    The listed links are to view the Approved Documents and Guidance notes for many aspects of the Building Control process. Please take time to view the documents, as they may give you information that can assist and save you time.

  8. Getting your plans right

    Guidance note for ensuring that your plans are right.

  9. Radon Guidance Note

    Guidance note relating to Radon gas and how to protect yourself.

  10. Do I need approval to convert my garage into a room I can live in?
  11. Do I need approval to make alterations?
  12. How long do I have to complete the building works once work has commenced on site?
  13. Arranging an inspection

    Once approval has been given or a building notice accepted, you will receive an inspection regime that lists the construction stages for which we require notification and can subsequently arrange inspection.

  14. Regularisation Application Notes

    Regularisation application notes that explain more about when and how to apply for a regularisation certificate.

  15. The Party Wall Act 1996 Explanatory Booklet

    Guidance note regarding the Party Wall Act 1996

  16. Do I need Building Regulations approval to install cavity insulation into my house?
  17. What is the difference between Building Regulations and Planning permission?
  18. The role and process of building control

    As a Local Authority Building Control department we administer the Council’s duties set out in the Building Act 1984 and other relevant legislation. Our aim is to ensure, within practical limits, that your project whether it is a new build, conversion or extension, is in compliance with the Building Regulations and other relevant design standards.

  19. Design and Access Statements - how to use them to prevent crime

    Design and Access Statements - how to use them to prevent crime

  20. Copeland Building Control Prospectus A document identifying the many ways in which Copeland Building Control can help you in the successfull delivery of your building project.
  21. Do I need Building Regulations approval to construct a detached garage?
  22. If you do not check plans on Building Notice applications, why are the charges the same as for Full Plans Applications?
  23. Additional Services

    In addition to our statutory Building Control function, we offer consultation services in the areas listed below.

  24. LABC Partner Authority Scheme Registration Form

    LABC Partner Authority Scheme Registration Form

  25. Building Control Fees 2016/17

    Building Control fees and charges for 2016/17. You can now pay building control fees online.


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