Building control


Building control

  1. Approved Document C Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for Approved Document C.

  2. Wood Burner Checklist

    Wood Burner Checklist

  3. Do I need Building Regulations approval to install fittings and appliances or carry out drainage work?
  4. Secured by design

    One of the biggest problems that the field of planning for crime prevention has faced is the fact that, too often, crime prevention when it is considered at all in the design process is merely an afterthought.

  5. Building Notice Submission

    Form and guidance notes on how to complete the form to notify us of your wish to build.

  6. Approved Document E Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for Approved Document E.

  7. building control charges 2017/18

    Building control charges 2017/18

  8. Do I need approval for electrical work?
  9. Dangerous Structures

    Buildings and structures can become dangerous for a variety of reasons, ranging from a gradual deterioration through lack of maintenance, to a more dramatic cause such as a fire, storm, explosion or vehicle impact.

  10. Full Plans Submission Form

    Form and guidance notes to help you submit full plans.

  11. Approved Document H Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for Approved Document H.

  12. Which building work is controlled?
  13. How can I get access to the Building Regulations documents?
  14. Guidance

    The listed links are to view the Approved Documents and Guidance notes for many aspects of the Building Control process. Please take time to view the documents, as they may give you information that can assist and save you time.

  15. Regularisation application form

    Application form to use for a regularisation certificate.

  16. Approved Document M Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for Approved Document M.

  17. Do I need approval to build an extension?
  18. Can I get a Building Regs form online?
  19. Do I require building regulation consent?

    Building Regulation consent is a different requirement from planning permission, and must be applied for separately.

  20. Notice of Intended Demolition Form

    Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 requires that a person who intends to demolish the whole or part of a building, apart from one exempt under subsection (1)(a) or (b) to notify the local authority, the occupier of any adjacent building and the gas and electricity authorities of his intention. This is the form to do so.

  21. Approved Document P Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for Approved Document P.

  22. Do I need Building Regulations approval to convert my loft into a room?
  23. Can you give me the name of a good architect or builder?
  24. Building Regulations Forms

    The following Building Regulation Forms and supplementary guides are available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access them.

    If you do not have a copy, please follow the link to the Adobe website where you can download a copy for free.

  25. Householder Enquiry Form

    Householder enquiry form to notify us of your intention to build and guidance as to when planning permission is ncecessary.


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