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  1. How do I report an Empty Property?
  2. What will the council do about an empty property if I report it?
  3. Empty homes

    Copeland Borough Council are urging people with empty homes to bring their properties back to life and help manage housing needs in the area. In September 2015 there were over 600,000 empty homes in England and 200,000 of these 600,000 were ‘long-term’ empties (empty more than six months). There are private properties standing empty in Copeland, whilst at the same time there is a shortage of housing in the Borough.  We are actively looking to bring these empty properties back into use.

     Our empty homes officer will work directly with the owners of empty homes to give advice on returning their property back into use, however, if owners refuse to engage or fail to make satisfactory progress to bring the properties back into use, we can carry out enforcement action. You can read more about empty homes issues on the Empty homes agency website (

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