Customer services

  1. Market Hall

    Please see below for all the relevant information you may need about the new reception facility, or call us on 019465 98300 if you would like to speak to a customer service officer.

  2. CABs in Harbour Ward
  3. The Copeland Centre

    Map and aerial photograph of the Copeland Centre. Car parking is available on the sports centre car park.

  4. Millom Council Office

    Location of the Copeland Council office in Millom. There is a car park to the rear of the office.

Policy and transformation

  1. My property

    The Borough Council's interactive mapping information website allows you to View maps with related information on your chosen location within the Borough. You can search by property name or postcode and view different types of maps.

Community provided content

  1. Market Hall, Egremont

    Located on Market Street off the Main Street , the Market Hall is owned and managed by Egremont Town Council.

  2. New life church, Whitehaven

    New life church, Whitehaven.

  3. Car parks in Copeland
  4. Whitehaven Citizens Advice Bureau Location of the Whitehaven Citizens Advice Bureau
  5. Cumbria record office Location of Cumbria records office
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